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No veg meals

My husband does not eat vegetables, other than potatoes.. I've tried for 15 years to change his eating habits to improve his health but I have resigned to the fact that he's an adult and can do what he wants. I need meal ideas for NO veg dishes please and recipes that I can add vegetables into ours but set him some aside would be a bonus! whatever you got, throw it at me please!


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Get him some centrum advanced tablets and get him to take a couple of Metamucil tabs a day to help his nutrients and fibre intake.

 You must be bored.
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Do meat and veg minus veg? Serve with mash, fries, boiled, baked potato.

I know exactly how you feel. I've got my partner and his son and they don't eat veg at all. It is annoying sometimes when I'm trying to find a meal for all of us. Usually I'm just getting fed up with thinking and ending up cooking 3 different meals. Things we eat all together are:
Cottage pie (without veg)
Fish pie
Roast dinner without veg or veg for whoever wants them
Fish and chips
Stew without veg
Hot dogs or burgers
Chicken wraps (you can add veg for yourself)
Spaghetti Bolognese or carbonara
Meatballs with pasta
Steak with mash
Chicken with cheese wrapped in bacon (oven cooked)

Did you mean that you want to add veggies later to just yours or to not add them at all? I think people are unclear

I love corned silverside with veges and white mustard sauce. So easy in the slowcooker. Add potatoes halfway to cook (then mash separately at the end) and other veges like corn broc cauli near the end. Yumm!

 Ummm.......the asker wanted no vegetable dishes!
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 Yeah she can add veges for herself and serve her husband silverside and potato. I thought that was obvious. Sorry to confuse
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He may have some sort of sensory processing disorder to be so limited in his vegetable choices. My uncle was like this although he had around 3 he would eat. I would stick to his staple potato and add to this slowly. Eg mash pot with cauli blended in. Potato bake with onion and some sweet pot added etc. Does he like herbs? If so make sure to add fresh herbs to everything to increase his vitamin intake.
As for suggestions I would try
- massaman beef curry (add other veges family)
- potato salad (add baby spinach, capsicum, onion for family
- frittata ( I think there is a Spanish? Version with just potato which is yum) maybe do individual ones with other veges for everyone else

Best of luck!

 He does love herbs, Thanks :)
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curries, most of my curries are meat or meat and potato. Maybe a big breakfast sausage, egg, tinned spaghetti with hash browns for dinner

 Butter chicken yum
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Hmmm how about he's is an adult so if he wants something else for dinner why can't he make it himself? If I'm going to cook I'm cooking one meal, I wouldn't make something different for my children so wouldn't for my husband either. Eat it or go hungry, sorry!

 Soooo.. you just hijacked my question not because you have meal ideas but to let me know how amazing you are? Uh, thanks 👏 hope you feel better now.
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 No, to tell you to tell your husband to grow the hell up. He's not a child.
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 I would make one meal for everyone to save all the mess in the kitchen lol.
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 Or you could just answer the womans question or you could just go away.
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 How does a question about vegetables turn into an argument?
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 Sheesh. Are you PMSing?
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You aren’t his mother
His mother failed him
Stop treating him like he’s your son

It's pathetic as he's a grown man but I agree with smuggling his veggies in his food. Grate, shred as much as you can in sauce,bass grated garlic and onion into his mash. Switch white to sweet potato and only give him lean meats and fish.

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Cook what you and your kids like you can't change your husband and you shouldn't have to change your self if he doesn't like it let him fend for him self.