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Credit Rating

Due to things out of my control life came tumbling down as I kept giving into my husband wants ect which put me in a bad situation. As a result I am on payment plans.

1. How do you get basic services like electricity, water and internet with bad credit rating prior to getting married I had a great credit rating
2. How do you repair your credit rating and what is a good credit score.

Please no negativity I have issues with saying no not just to my husband but to anyone I can’t handle feeling so bad let alone the face and my husband reaction when I have to say no it makes me feel bad guilty and that I have let him down. As a result it is my fault I am in this situation just looking for a way to get a fresh start


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OP You asked, we advised yet you have a problem worth every answer, an excuse for everything. Stop playing the victim and take charge of your life or nothing will change.
Time to pull up your big girl panties and make some changes.

Sympathy seeking, rather than wanting advice.

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 Definitely not sympathy seeking but not sure how a financial counselling is going to assist me I already am repaying my debt
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 So, rubbish response OP, but why do you mention financial counselling specifically? Why would you think I suggested that????
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 Financial adviser or financial counseling would help educate you on how to look after your money better
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 Yeah, sorry but I'm getting the vibe of 'you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped'.
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You should be able to get services like power and water despite having a bad credit rating those are essential.

Make sure you aren’t on any phone plans, just have a phone on pre paid. Get a credit report done and make sure you don’t owe money to things if you do put it on a payment plan to show that you are paying it.
Make sure you have a income coming in that will put it up also.
Credit will tart going up and refreshes every 5 years.
Best of luck. Xo

 Thanks unfortunately I am only on Centrelink and always will due to a disability, I have only ever had a prepaid phone
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Improve your credit rating? Is your husband pressuring you to get a loan?

Repairing your credit is going to take a very long time. Start with a budget

You need to see a financial counsellor. There are free ones available

 Not sure how seeing a financial counsellor is going to help
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 A financial counsellor could advise you how to get your shit together but seriously, you don't really seem to care. It sounds like you're after sympathy, not help
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I'm confused. You say you have water and electricity as part of your rent. But want to know how to get basics like water and electricity??

I read through the answers.. im not sure but is it possible your husband is taking advantage of you financially? Is there someone you could trust to make financial decisions for you who would act on your behalf (power of attorney) so you don't directly have to say no, the appointed person would day no, but the funds remain yours.

 Thanks unfortunately I don’t and I know my husband would not be happy if something like this was to occur. It isn’t even big things it is things like game cards, new games, constantly wanting takeaway each day it is a lot of little things. He says oh just tell me no well if I could I would unfortunately my mum was financially abusive and I just hope my husband isn’t the same
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 Hmm.. i guess as you receive a centrelink benefit you can now put mist things on centrepay - so all your bills etc come out of the payment directly and you receive only what is left over. Is it an option to do this with any debts, credit cards, rent electricity- everything really so that atleast you know those things are secure. There may be very little left after that, so it won't be possible for your husband to spend so much on unnecessary things. The only answer you can give when there is no money left is no.
Have you considered trying to save some money in a separate account without his knowledge? That could also be a centrepay payment. It would look like a bill?

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 most** not mist
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 ^^ really good answer.
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 We really don’t have any bills as our electric and water are apart of our rent, even if I was to Centrepay things not like I know what I could due rent being direct debit, as well as loan repayments being direct debit. Even if I say no he would expect the money to come from somewhere. It doesn’t both me as such but he is a big eater due to being a body builder so we have a high protein diet which gets expensive so I fast most days to cut done on the food bill
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 Make him get a job??
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Payment plans, paying things before They are overdue, contacting to make arrangements for extensions etc, just not being overdue with things!!
And a side note, seek counselling to learn assertiveness ☺

 Thanks I see a psychologist regularly and have done for over 5 years I still can’t be assertive with a lot of people cause the way they make me feel
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 They don’t cause the way you feel. Your actions do sadly
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 Sorry but they do cause the way I feel my husband is a good example of this he gives me the puppy dog eyes, he sighs he does a lot of other things he makes me feel shit because of his actions
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 Puppy dog eyes?
Are you 15?

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 Definitely not but it isn’t just puppy dog eyes it is deeper then that it dosent help my mum was financially abusive. It isn’t through not saying no it is the fact I can’t help how he makes me feel
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 puppy dog eyes! Cute 💜
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 Everyone feels shit saying no. I have to tell my teens no all the time. "but everyone else has one". Or they do a heap of extra chores around the house for a few weeks to "earn" it. But reality is I cannot afford everything they ask for without going into debt, so I have to be the bad mum and say no. And I feel like shit that they miss out on expensive sports or are the only one with a cheap phone with a broken screen and not the newest iPhone like they other kids. But I'm going to feel way more shit if I'm running up debt or owe money and it's making my credit rating plummet. That's the kind of shit that's going to eat away at me and cause me to be unhappy and not sleep at night. Risking losing everything because both you and your partner have a lack of self control is going to make you feel way worse than disappointing him because he can't have a new toy!
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If you contact Credit Repair Australia, they can help you by trying to remove any defaults off your credit file. It’s expensive & if may not work. First you need to pay them to investigate the default. Then if you want them to remove it, if they are successful in getting it removed, you will need to pay them again. When I spoke to them a couple of years ago, it was about $2,000 to get each default removed.
Honestly, the only way to repair your credit rating properly is time. You will need to wait until all the defaults & inquiries are no longer on your file. Get a pre paid phone & start paying everything on time.

 Thanks I already have a prepaid phone and always have how long is the time laps for defaults and were you successful
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 Due to the amount of money it was going to cost to remove 2 defaults, I decided against it & just let them disappear off my credit rating when the time was up.
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Elec gas and water you can easily get things such as phone plans will have to be pre paid. You need to say no. Its your credit rating. Husband can use his own.

 Thanks I have never had a phone plan and always been someone to go has had prepaid honestly if there was prepaid electric and water I would take that option. I know about bill smoothing but still prefer prepaid. Unfortunately the word no is something difficult for me I have been seeing a psychologist but I can’t gandle the look and sigh ect my husband gives when I say no
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Contact st Vincent de Paul or Salvation Army. They have free financial assistance and counselling to help people in many situations. Best of luck OP 🌻

 Thanks I am on plans ect and did contact them originally but they weren’t able to assist me in knowing how to improve credit rating ect
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