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Any teachers on here or anyone elses kids afftect by the 'technical issues' for NAPLAN online testing?

My year 9 child was impacted. His entire group was locked out part way through the testing and unable to complete the test. Will they get to re-sit the test? They have been extremly disadvantaged by being unable to finish. My child was part way through writing their story. Being year 9 they have to achieve band 8 or do OLNA. How are they going to fix this for the impacted kids??


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Who cares, don't worry about it. Naplan is a joke. I've not heard a positive thing from a teachers perspective.
As Maggie Dent says- naplan won't tell you anything about your child that a quick chat with their teacher can't. It's a wicked waste of the public purse.
I told my child give it a crack, its nothing serious and try not to get the giggles, sometimes the giggles make you fart. Not stinking out the class is more important than naplan.

  Love it!!
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Why is everyone having a go at the OP?
She’s asking a legit question - is there a plan for those affected by the tech issues!
My yr 9 is doing it this week too but on paper - I’d be asking the same question if she was affected too.
Choose kind ladies

 My year 9 is doing it online and he hates it. He says he writes so much faster than typing. He said the keyboard is crap and Interupts his flow. I don’t think it’s a fair assessment if some kids use paper and others do it online. My son had no connection disruption but others in his class did. They’re connection dropped out several times. I’m interested in the OPs question.
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OP I agree, typing and hand written tests are not an even comparison. SO MANY flaws with the entire system! I've been informed today by a friends sister who works at a SA high school that no decision has been made yet and schools have bern told to carry on as normal. The options being considered (by the head honchos') are ALL students
accross Australia redoing the writing test or voiding the test for ALL students accross Australia - not sure how this works for year 9s - will they ALL then have to do OLNA? A lot of (the bigger) schools can't fit retesting into the schedule for next week (which is the 'testing window') - let alone catch-up tests for absent students, so will be interesting to see the outcome. Even if they can find the time they don't have enough computers available. Perhaps they'll have to do the paper test even if at a school doing it online?

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My children wont be doing NAPLAN, biggest heap of shit and waste of money, I just sent a note saying they are excused from the test. No problem from teachers, sounded like they agreed.

OP How old are your kids? Do you object to them doing OLNA?
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 They are different tests
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 Different test but same outcome. Lower years don’t matter but if you don’t get band 8 in year 9 you have to sit olna. It’s compulsory if you want to graduate. You can’t graduate high school if you havnt passed numeracy and literacy tests.
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 But it's no big deal if you don't get band 8 in year 9 because you get numerous chances and support to pass olna. It actually frustrates me to see parents push kids to get band 8 NAPLAN, no wonder kids are stressing out. If your kid is behind you probably need to get a tutor not push them.
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OP Ooaa! What assumptions you make! Why do you ASSUME i push my child and stress them about NAPLAN? I've barely spoken to them about it! I just want yo know what the efucation department is doing to fix the situation? Some kids have done the test, some kids tried (like my child) and were unable to complete it due to 'technical issues'. Its not a fair assessment and why should my child be forced to do extra testing (olna) that other kids at their school and year group dont have to because of a computer glitch. Its not a level playing field and will not give accurate results. Its a complete f#@k up and no one has advised what theses thousands of kids across the country are going to do. Do they forfit the yest? Do they resit it? And FYI - im in close communication with my childs teachers and they have a tutor. I dont need NAPLAN to tell me anything about my child but id like them to avoid olna if possible
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 OP, I’m totally with you on this one. I don’t push my kids with naplan but they are extremely intelligent and would’ve passed band 8 for certain. But, my year 9 boy had connection issues and dropouts and struggled to finish the test. So now he’s probably going to have to do OLNA, which I know he’ll pass, but it’s not fair that he should have to sit another test because of technical issues.
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I'm pretty sure the idea is, if ur kid attempts naplan properly and his results are lower than band 8 or whatever it is everyone goes on about, the chances are it has nothing to do with naplan itself but if your child probably isn't passing because he/she isn't that academic.
So my child's Maths and English mark so far is 34-36%. They will definitely score terribly on Naplan but they probably won't pass year 12 because no matter what tutoring or extra work that's put in, the poor kid is just terrible , TERRIBLE at school work.
So they scored poorly on naplan because they are not doing well at school, it has nothing to do with naplan. That's just a guide to tell me where my child sits in relation to the other kids in the school and nationally

We got a text msg to say students would be resitting with pen/paper tests, but who gives a f**k. Not end of world

Answered by OP

Yeah, I've always had that attitude too, but if students don't achieve band 8 in NAPLAN in year 9, they have to do OLNA, If they don't pass OLNA they can't graduate year 12. I think its incredibly unfair some students have lost their opportunity to avoid OLNA. I also tjink it's increfibly unfair that so many kids have been put in this situation. I dont agree with NAPLAN but it is part of the system currently. These kids have been preparing, had other classes missed to do the test, started the test, then are unable to complete it. According to my child everyone at their school was really pissed off, students, teachers etc

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 A test to make sure kids are passing year 12 with a minimum standard of maths and literacy. Uni's were complaining about kids that can't spell so they come up with that. Easier than Naplan OP is stressing for nothing.
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I would say they get to do it again. But please - for your childs sake - calm the f**k down 😂. OLNA is not the end of the world and is easier than NAPLAN. You're putting pressure on your child for nothing. My child didn't even do NAPLAN last year he is has multiple chances to pass OLNA over the next 3 years. Stress less.

OP Im not putting any pressure on any of my kids about NAPLAN. I never have, but I'd like to know how they fix this. If they resit it surely they have an advantage coz they already know the topic (writing test) and have done some of the work previously, and go in mentally prepared. If they change the topic then they aren't comparing apples with apples when marking. Mind you, kids that did the test earlier in the day told the kids who hadn't done the test yet, what the topic was, so again they went in with a slight head start. So MANY flaws with the entire NAPLAN system. It's never done what it was initially implemented to do, caused massive stress to parents, teachers and students, taken time away from other things in the cirriclum. Its hard to actually find anyone who genuinly believes its a good thing. And yes, huge waste of money!
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Has anyone had a go of the year 9 NAPLAN test? I tried a maths sample and holy crap it is so hard. It has been a good 20 years since I left school though so maybe it was worse for me 😂. Seriously though they don't need to be learning half of that stuff, crazy.