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Toddler up late

3 in May ..Used to be in bed at 7.30 on the dot last few weeks won't go to sleep without us in bed with him and only if he has a tv show on, seem to be since we stopped giving him a bottle (he was chewing it off and it leaked everywhere) any good ideas? We are both working and exhausted daycare said he only naps 2 hrs but they have to wake him


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He might be looking for other security at night since he doesnt have his bottle. Does he have a soft toy or special blanket? My youngest is 2 and takes his little digger to bed with him. I wouldnt let him go to bed watching tv. Lay with him and read a book or tell him a story instead.

Im surprised that an almost 3 year old is still having long nap. If be cuttimg that down or even out

 Yes it's probably the day nap. Though if he is at daycare they may not give you an option of napping or not.
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 You as a parent can always say no you don't want the child to nap. They have to follow the request.
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OP Nope daycare do not drop naps at all
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Create a simple bedtime routine. In our house, the 2 under 5 kids have dinner at 6, a bath after that. Then we brush teeth, read from our book (currently reading stewart little) and snuggle for 20-30 minutes. Then, at 8pm it's lights out. Same dance every night because going through the routine helps their body know it's that time of day. TV at bedtime can be very counterproductive because they fight sleep to watch it and because beds are for sleeping. I'm a chronic insomniac and no tv in bed was the first tip all doctors give.

I was totally a night owl as a kid. So long as i was in my room and quiet my parents didnt stress.
My dad wouldnt help though. If mum was out dad would let me as a toddler sit up with him watching crime shows. Apparently tgough even on good night theyd never make me go to my room before 8pm because if they did id have to get up to pee before i fell alseep and start the whole bed process again.

Is your kid struggling tired through the day? If not i wouldnt stress yourself over it.

OP Fair point there
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Try a sippy cup/normal cup with a bit of water in it before bed. Even at 4yrs my son still won't go to sleep easily without a small drink. We give a large drink an hour before bed so he can pee it out prior to bed with a small drink at bedtime.

Also add a high protein snack before bed. It might be that he is hungry again at bedtime and the bottle used to fill him up.