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Why do people think germs will be killed in hot water washing machine

Hot or warm water ruin clothes towels
If there are soiled or blood on underwear chuck them out or hand wash them


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We need germs to have a healthy immune system.
All this anti bacterial crap and fear of germs is killing us.

 ^yes yes yes yes yes! Cannot agree more. I refuse to use antibacterial crap in this house because I believe they are toxic. The only exception is bleach in the toilet and shower. Otherwise nothing stronger then tea tree oil in water or plain old hot water.
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 We need some germs to help keep us healthy. Other germs make us sick. So you still need to maintain a certain level of hygiene and cleanliness. Agree with you about the anti bacterial stuff though.
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 Yes you are right, we do need to maintain a certain level of cleaniness but the experts agree that just washing and scrubbing with normal soap and water is enough. we don't need to disinfect everything.
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 ^ ummm yes that’s what I said
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How about you get over worrying about what everyone else is doing? Live your own life.

They read it on the internet and you know, if it's on the internet then it must be true 🤣🤣

Because bacteria thrives at room temperature....therefore washing clothes in hot water (above room temperature) means bacteria doesn't grow as well.

No, it doesn't sterilize clothes, it does help reduce the spread of disease.

If there is blood wash them in cold water anyway. Hot water will set the blood, cold water will wash it out.

Chucking things out is wasteful add bleach or a anti bacterial additive