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Thank you gift?

I am struggling so hard financially lately, I mean really badly to the point of not being able to keep our heads above water. My mum stepped in and helped us out but to do so she cancelled a holiday she much needed and deserved. This wont be forever so as soon as I'm able I'll be booking the holiday she had planned only much better! I want a way to say thank you to her that doesn't cost anything (or very little) obviously.. I need to make it something amazing!


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Before any one writes anything negative or mean on here I just want to say what a great mum you have and what a beautiful daughter you are 💜

Write her a letter or invite her to visit for a few days and pamper her at your home. Paint her nails, give her a blouse you have that will look great on her, give her a kitchen facial or hair treatment... you could make her some bath bombs, skin cream, body scrub. you could bake something. You could frame a couple photos of you 2.over the years....

 What a beautiful idea. I'd also make her her fave meals. Spend quality time with her and if you have kids get them to do the same. She will appreciate this. What a lovely soul both you and yourim seem to be! If it was my mum is also do things we enjoyed together when I was a child. Growing up we were so poor but I was blissfully unaware. We would go shopping weekly but only "window shopping" and the things I liked would go on a Christmas list.
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Maybe you and the kids could make her a thank you collage/artwork with all the things you love about her on it?

Make or buy her a card and write her a thank you letter. Make a chocolate or lolly bouquet. Pinterest has a heap of thank you gift ideas that you can make. If your Mum lives close by you could make up a book of vouchers for her...for things like mowing her yard, dinner at your place, picnic in the park, home massage or pedicure etc!

Get a bunch of sheets from the op shop (just single flat sheets) or big bits of cardboard and some paint. Then paint on them "Thanks Mum" and some cute stuff like hearts and flowers and stuff. Find places she frequently passes and hang them up for the world to see. You don't have to say any names on the signs. Then tell her to "look for a sign of how grateful I (you, obvs) am!"
Or make a list of all the things she's done for you that you're grateful for and send it to her via snail mail. Don't pre-warn her it's coming, it makes the surprise so much nicer.

Put a photo book together for her or a collage of pictures in a frame.

Make her a months worth of meals ? Do a voucher book of household chores