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Unsure if I should

Long story short... I became close with one of my ex’s friends over the years. When my ex and I started having issues he kept his distance especially when he was accused of sleeping with me, and then Once id separated from ex, he’s completely dropped off the face of the earth, including ignoring the last messages I sent him about 5/6months ago

I miss him more than i care to admit- not romantically but just our conversations and random funny messages
And he has also been in my dreams constantly for the last week or so

I dont no if i should maybe message again and see if he’s ok? (A couple of the dreams i had make me think he’s not ok)

Or whether i just leave it and dont bother.?


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He's just not that into you. If he was, he'd call. Sorry 💔

 Yep. Move on
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Do not reach out because chances are he will ignore you again which will take you right back to step 1 in healing and moving on. Bit of a shame he couldn’t be a man about it and offer some type of closure and simply just vanished. Not cool.
Look after yourself, love yourself and make room for the right friends to come into your life.

I was in a similar situation with my ex, bunt minus the cheating accusation. Got on well with his friend and when we split the friendship ended as well as my relationship. I found the friend on Facebook years later and messaged him and was ignored. Save yourself the pain. Leave it. Move on.

Seeing someone unwell etc that you are infatuated in your dreams can actually be a symbolic sign of you needing healing if you go for interpreting dreams

I would leave it. As much as he became your friend he was your ex friend first. Maybe he had feelings for you maybe he disn't but the fact that your ex accused him probably scared him enough to stay away. Losing friends hurts but its better to let them go and move on.