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Good bike for an almost 6year old

She is on the shorter side, but the 16inch we have is too tiring for her, even though she is actually one fit little machine. I’m not sure if I should go for gears or not, cruiser style vs more standard? This would be for longer bike rides, and 20inch and not a heavy frame. Its doing my head in searching gumtree as I want to spend around 100, a little more or less....suggestions really appreciated!


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Don't bother with gears yet- keep it simple.
Don't forget the carry basket on the front!

I would try Kmart. Brand new for around $100 depending on the size.
Could try anaconda but not sure the price for that size. We got my small kids their bikes from there for under $100

Just go onto the K-Mart website and let her pick the one she wants
Not all stores have the same but the website can tell you which store has it available

Look for a bike that isn’t too heavy. I found the Kmart ones way too heavy. Trek/giant are lighter but a lot more expensive

My 6 yr old has a Kmart bike. It was a lot easier to ride than the expensive one before it.