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Can you use Nair....down there?

Can you use Nair too get rid or EVERYTHING down there? Or only sort of extended bikini line?


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Are you talking about hair removal cream or wax? I'm quite hairy and would love to know if I can use the hair removal cream all up in the bits?

Skin test. There are some specially designed for that area too.

I can't. Burn like a mother lol. Make sure you do a small area to start with just in case. I wish someone had told me that haha

Yes but i would do a skin test to be friend ended up chemically burning herself down there quite badly...

 Yeah I got chemical burns from Veet on my armpits. :'(
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I use Veet. But yep, use it to remove all. A mirror comes in handy lol

The only reason it burns, is because it's being left on for too long. Do not exceed the recommended time.

 Actually this isn't always the case, peoples skin has different variances of sensitivity
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