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Private Boys schools

Can anyone please recommend any private boys schools in Brisbane? Or comment on Marist, Padua, or St Josephs Greggory tce?


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Iona college

 Where is that?
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 Wynnum West
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My husband went to brisbane boys college.

He credits that school for saving his life.

 How did it save his life?
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 He has an incredibly addictive personality, adhd and a shitty home life. Turns out a pyschiatrist had told his mother to just accept he was a delinquent and no amount of drugs for adhd were going to save him.

Had a guardian angel out there who decided he had to be there instead of toowong. The school and friends he had really paid off. He has said without a doubt if it wasnt for that school with the caring chaplan, principal and the boys who befriended him hed either be in jail or dead from an overdose.

He is now a well functioning member of society.

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 Thanks for explaining that.
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I have 3 boys at Villanova and am very happy with the school.