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Does anyone else have an irrational fear of cold sores


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It's not irrational majority of people get them or carry the virus about 8 or 9 out of 10.

In fact chances are you carry the virus.

 It can't be that high
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 It's still irrational to fear them. They're common & not a big deal.
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 It surely is, close to 80% of the population have hsv1 also known as cold sores. You can be a carrier and never have symptoms
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 👆🏻 yep that. Only most studies actually put it at around 85% possibly greater.
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 Have cold sores or carry the virus that causes them? I don’t know many people who get them. My mum gets them. I don’t, nor do my siblings.
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 Have/carry same virus at the end of the day. People that don't show on the outside there immune system fights the virus, so when your immune can't fight it anymore you will have an active lesion. No lesion and you will still have asymptomatic shedding every year and can pass it on
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 About a third of infected people will get a cold sore, according to Better Health
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 Great now I'm terrified thanks ladies lol
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I heard that eating pineapples help to reduce the chance of it recurring. Do try it, quite true for me.

Nope. Never thought about it. Don't get them, don't worry about getting them.

I feel the same. I have loved ones that get them and its like eeew no. Just, just keep it away from me. Still love them, but when their sores are up I prefer to love them from a distance lol

I get cold sores, i have all of my life, i hate it. Stress, sun, wind etc all cause them. Im not going to to stop going out and doing things because of it though. So far none of my kids get them (touch wood)