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Best over the counter drug test? Cannabis

Also any tips on how to flush it from system?

Light smoker/work drug test

If get thru this will never smoke again - lesson learned!


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Stand up for what you believe!!!!
If you want a little hooch in your down time and can go to work clean and clear headed then it ain't their business!!! Just dont be affected at work.
As you grow older - is the stress of being stoned worth it?
I used to be a massive stoner years and years ago. But I've evolved.
Can you evolve to enjoy something else?

 If being drug free and drug tested is a requirement of the job, then yes, it is their business.
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 OP here, im gonna evolve alright! The stress of this problem ive created for myself is NOT WORTH IT.... Its crazy though, i smoked a couple of cones 2 months ago and it’s still showing up in my system!!! I mean surely im not still stoned! Omg - risking $200000 p/a job here 🤦🏼‍♀️ ... Waaaaa!!! Im even praying guys lol
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