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Have you booked any holidays yet?

Im in WA, just booked a couple of get aways for xmas school holidays, both in WA.

But just had a moment of remorse thinking, omg what have i done!!? Anything could happen by then. 😬


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If things go bad again, they'll have to refund you.
My Easter plans were fully refunded ☺

 Lucky you, we are $700 out of pocket from one accommodation place that wouldn't give us a refund😥. Every other place we booked were great and so quick to refund us😁
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 I had this. A $2k apartment stay in Tokyo. Frustrating as everywhere else refunded. I appealed, they then said we could stay next time for free. Considering that won't happen for at least two years, if at all, I took the original rejection & claimed it on my insurance. They paid. Of course, I'd never use the free accommodation now, even if we went.
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 Wow! That's so messed up. Was that a cancellation fee? Everyone i know who booked flights or trips away during this time were fully refunded with the exception of a few cancellation fees of less than $100 in cases where they had the option to rebook same time next year but cancelled instead!
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 Mine was Tokyo. I cancelled before the borders closed. A lot of non-refundables started refunding after that happened.

Everywhere else, including the airline, just refunded.

We've booked a unit at the beach on the hols. This time I bypassed the non refundable options, even though the units were nicer, & went through an agency that would refund if Covid caused issues. I'm surprised that with so much accommodation available, offering flexibility, and people nervous about booking that anyone is non-refundable.

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We have booked flights to New Zealand. We have air fair credit from previously cancelled holiday. If we can’t go when we want, we can use at a later date.

Yes. We're in QLD. Booked a cheap beach unit, refundable if we lock down again.

We cancelled our trip to Japan & promised the kids we'd go to the beach when allowed, otherwise I'd stay home. I'm not sure how much we can do - attractions, if open, will be limited to 20 visitors, so no point trying & parks, boardwalks etc. will be packed.

We live in a beachside paradise so I'll take my chances staying at home.

 ^^ Same
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Nope we are installing a spa, pergola and bbq area - It will be staycations for us for the next two years. We also live in a beachside suburb so no reason to go anywhere anyway - plenty to do at home.

Actually I was looking to go inland from perth for a few nights. Does anyone know if the small private playgrounds at hotels are open? Or we still another month off? I see that in WA, public playgrounds are set to open in stage 3- which they guess will be another 4 weeks.. but nothing on private. Anyone?

 I have heard they aren't open
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 Thank you, I suspected that
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 Id call the place and find out, i booked a place in mandurah with a pool and they have just opened it.
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 Thank you- I did just that encouraged by you. Their playground is open! :) yay, appreciate it. I am in desperate need of a break, even if it means solo with the three kids.x
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 Yay! Where are you going? I want to take my 3 too
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 A farmstay outside York, end of June!
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 That sounds fab, im googling ‘farm stay york’ right now
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Yes, booked a beach holiday during the Christmas holidays within the state we live. We were going to Europe for Christmas but that’s not happening so need something to look forward to. Obviously, if things still look bad we won’t go.

No, we haven’t booked any holidays and I wouldn’t at this stage.

Thinking of booking a weekend away in October/November just for something to look forward too

We're in WA too and hoping we are able to head north in the spring holidays. Who knows.

No I haven’t. We’ve cancelled 2 holidays for this year. One in Cairns for this weekend and another to the Gold Coast for the September/October school holiday. We’ve kept the money in a seperate account and are planning on taking them next year.