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How many gifts do you buy for your children at Christmas?


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I don't have a set limit on presents or money. Just whatever I think they would like.

 Same, every year is different depending on what they need and want!
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 Same, every year varies, I shop all year round and put presents away for Christmas.
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Yeah same I start shopping about 4 months advance and just bought something yesterday to add lol
This year their getting about 4 joint presents and about 4 identical presents (boogie boards, goggles , painting craft, and colouring colouring pen/pencil set)
2yo is getting a doll a stroller and a bag of different sorts of bubbles eldest is getting a new bike good pencils tutus and a pony ride. And some special dolls from overseas that she loves the show. Joint their getting heaps of pool toys a surfboard croquet bowling Can't remeber wat else I think Iv spent around $500 on them

Different every year though

3 presents each from us, 1 small present (board game) and a small santa bag with all the stocking filler stuff from Santa. My kids also buy eachother a gift each with my help, so they get another 3 small gifts.. which all in all turns put to be a nice number. Normally we might get a game console or large present for the family, but this year we haven’t.

Normally 2 from parents, 1 from Santa plus a stocking. They also get 1 from Grandparents, and 1 from Aunty & Uncle.

I usually get 3 - 4 presents from Santa ;), then my sister buys one for me!