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3 year old becoming clingy before new baby arrives.

Hi everybody, I'm 39 weeks pregnant and my 3 year old has become so clingy lately. To be honest it's starting to piss me off. For the last two to three weeks she's been constantly on me. Just constant "mummy I come too?" or "pick me up mummy" or "No! That's my mummy not yours!" (To my other kids). She's normally such a relaxed and easy going girl, and I'm struggling with this new found neediness. I love her so much, but I need a break.
Is it normal for them to cling just before a new baby arrives? Do they have some kind of spidey senses that know they're about to no longer be the youngest? I can't remember if my other children were like this. Please help!


Answers (2)

Yes they have some spidey scenses and know they are about to lose a lot of time with you and attention from you. My daughter did the same when I had my son, she wouldn’t leave me alone and just needed constant hugs. Once he was born she focused all that attention on him.

Yes, it sound so like normal behaviour. Things are about to change in a big way and she knows it. Try and make the transition as easy as possible. Make sure you still have time just for him we. Give her some jobs to help with the baby. Now and when bubs is born.