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Child bank account

This is more of a rant but A grandparent is insisting that want copy of birth certificate to open bank account for our baby. I've stated repeatedly we already opened one, and according to commonwealth can only be opened by legal guardian. But apparently it's none of my business if they want to open an account!
The child already has an account and i don't want people having their own copy of a birth certificate!
Can they request their own copy of the bc ? And can they open a bank account? They are very possessive of grandchild, "i know best because I'm the grandparent" and it's sitting comfortably with me.


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Don't give them the birth certificate or a certified copy. You can do all kinds of things with a birth certificate (eg you'd need it to get a passport), and none of those things are something a grandparent should do unless they're the guardians of the child (and clearly they're not). You're right to feel uncomfortable about this, especially as you know your past experience with these people and I'm guessing there are other reasons this request doesn't seem right to you.

They can open their own sub-account (eg an online only saver account under their own name) and put money into it for the baby, and then give the money when they feel it's right. Or they can transfer the money to the account you've already got set up.

If they're your parents then you should deal with them, if they're your partner's parents then they should deal with them. Someone needs to tell the grandparents that you won't be giving them a copy of the birth certificate as that's something they don't need, and baby already has a bank account.

Also, make sure you update your wills to state who will be baby's guardians if you and your partner die prematurely. You don't want a custody battle if these grandparents are already being weird about things.

Maybe suggest they just open an account in their own names and they can gift the child all the money in it For a significant birthday or leave it to grandchild in their will or something. It’s not necessary to open a second account in child’s name. They sound very controlling and I’d be wary of them.

My mum (grandparent) opened an account for my daughter & she puts money in there for her for when's she older uni, house whatever. I'm all for it.

 My dad did this for my children but also had me there with him to set it up. I didn’t mind at all because I trust my dad enough with these things. It sounds like there are much deeper issues at play for the OP though. So while for you and I it is another grandparent trying to do the right thing, for the OP there might be more sinister motive behind it 🤷‍♀️
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In qld a grandparent can’t obtain a copy of a grandchild’s birth certificate unless they have written documentation proving they either have legal guardianship or the child’s/parents permission. I’m not sure about other states but you would be able to find out easily by looking up the relevant births deaths and marriages website.

Is there some reason they can't open a trust account for your child? They would not require her birth certificate for that. My (half) sister has a trust fund from her grandmother, my mum and stepdad were shocked when they found out.

I was at commonwealth thw other day and another gran dsparent was doing the same thing. My famiky doesnt do that but cudoos to those who do. The guy said that she would have to open one in the childs name with the father's permission HOWEVER the downside was even if parents split up the mother could access. So no safety. So the best bet was to have it in their name and gift when child older. They were right next to me wvwryone heard so no i wasnt being a sticky beak lol

I do find it odd dont give a copy of birth certificates to anyone

My in laws are the same. Very ‘generous’ with their money on the surface but all conditioned. I want ni part of it. My child may never need to work but at what cost

You're the parent. Just say NO.

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A grandparent, the child, grandchild? This whole post seems a little odd. Are they your parents or your partners?

 It’s not odd at all. I work in a bank. Lots of grandparents open bank accounts for their grandchildren. But the accounts are in the name of the grandparent but are called ( Insert childs name) account. Like you would a holiday account or bills account.
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 ^ Thank you for not being rude :)
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Are their names Frank and Marie ?

 Lol. Loved that show 😂
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 Me too. The best. Sometimes it's on 11 and all their issues are still relevant!
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Its not up to them, what abhorrent behaviour!!

Stand your ground! I'd be livid if I was in your situation.

Ask which bank they want to open the account in. You open the account with the birth certificate. Give them the details. End of story

They don’t need the account in your daughters name. They can open one in their name and call it ‘childs name’ account. Don’t give them certificates if you don’t feel comfortable.

 This^^^ my in laws did the same thing when my daughter was born even though we had already opened one and no way was I handing over her birth certificate. Who knows what else it could be used for and I wasn’t comfortable with them opening up an account but they still did. I’m pretty sure it’s under their name but in like a trust to her or something. Don’t know why they couldn’t just gift her the money on a milestone bday or in their will
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