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What contraceptive pill are you ladies on?

Just checking what is out there, not very happy with my current pill. I have an appointment booked with my gp, but would like to know what everyone is taking.


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I was on Trifeme for over 10 years excluding 3 pregnancies and 3 years breastfeeding (used mini pill). Now I'm au natural and just using a period tracker as hubby had the snip last year.

Loette because the pharmacy didn’t have my usual microgynon in stock. My skin has been awful since I’ve been on it, but I’m a tight arse who already paid for three months worth so I’m
Just gonna keep at it till I can switch back.

Rhythm method 🙈

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 Yeah i agree
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Nothing. My husband had the snip.

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I was on LevlenEd before stopping to have kids. We're done now but I haven't gone back on anything yet, not sure I will.

I am on Evelyn and have been taking it for nearly 3 years without any issues.

Its called cum. You swallow it and don't get pregnant. So easy.

 That's not helpful. 😥
But I'm also unhelpful as I'm not in anything anymore

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 In cum?
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