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When will parents or guardians learn to supervise toddlers and young kids around pools ?

21 month old girl drowned in her grandparents pool
To me it sounds like the grandparents are too old to be babysitting or irresponsible
I wouldn’t let them babysit my other kids


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The guilt they must be feeling would be unbearable they will experience that feeling til the day they diie and the hell the parents would be living having to bury a child its no time to point out blame show a little respect

 So true - they would be blaming themselves anyway. Nobody can watch a child 24/7.
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 You can child proof your house
Bet you are on here while your child is god only knows

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 Nothing is foolproof. You can child proof everything, supervise 24/7 but there is no guarantees.
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 Nope, my child is right here next to me, but thanks for your concern. My point is, if I am asleep at 3am and my child manages to sneak out, am I neglectful? Or if I let my child ride to school with friends and she is an an accident, am I neglectful? You can't watch your child 24/7.
I'm not advocating neglectful behaviour or not fencing your pool, that's for sure.

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Pool fences are so important I cant believe people whinged when they became mandatory and they are still whinging even now that the rules have changed and their fence needs upgrades

 We have an inflatable pool and on the side it says for the size it needs fencing- we don’t leave it with water in it u less using it. Friends don’t get this and leave them full... I don’t get how they don’t see the danger
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Sorry love, but you either dont have kids or have eyes in the back of you head because as vigilant as we would like to think we are, we do not watch their literal every waking moment. This is an extremely sad accident and 1 that im sure the entire family will never get over.

 I have kids lov and have babysat other people’s kids when I was younger around pools before fences where mandatory

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 I disagree if the toddler was within arms reach it wouldn’t have occurred.
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While I agree you can never be too careful around bodies of water (I am terrible and find it very difficult to relax when kids are around pools, lakes beach etc), it can happen in a split second. All we can do is keep raising awareness. Such a sad sad tragedy.

Sadly some people give it everything to supervise but their kids are Houdini. Sadly some parents are too neglectful. Its tragic and they are all in my thoughts.

Was a preventable accident
Kids can drown in pet bowls and bath with little bit of water

Follow your toddler
Stop being here writing troll posts