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Anyone else being a petty bitch right now?

So my partner is being a dick as I have a massive headache and just want to lay down and he has carried on like a fucktard about it cause "nothings going to get done." I have done everything I needed to today, plus extra while he has stuffed around with his mates and now expects me to help him. I told him to fuck off and now, cause he has pissed me off, I am making chicken for dinner cause I know he doesn't like it. Was wondering if I'm the only one who does petty shit like this or are there others? Please have stories, I'd love to have a laugh right now lol.


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It's like looking through a dirty window in to a real life bogan family unit.
Tell us more.

Nah i love it!! I live for this shit man. When I'm pissed at mine i ignore his washing and inky wash mine and our children's clothes etc. Bad a*s ain't I...

 I do the same with the washing. I don’t cook dinner for him, don’t clean his side of the bedroom/bathroom sink etc

I’m very petty and immature.

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 Being petty and immature isn't something you should be proud of.
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 Thanks Mum
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