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What does your SO do that absolutely shits you?

So hubby tries to grab my boobs whenever he can, specifically aiming for my nipples. He did it today when I had a pair of tongs in my hand and it pissed me off so much that I pinched his nipple with the tongs. He's not happy but hopefully he gets the point. Too far?


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Mine keeps saying he’ll do whatever it is I ask him to do “later”. And then he “forgets” and blames me for not reminding him, but when I try to remind him he’ll tell me to stop bringing it up and that he’s already told me he’ll do it later.
Nothing ever gets done!

 Yes this!!
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When he shaves he "attempts" to clean the hair. Which basically means he splashes water around the sink. So the end result is a clogged sink that I then have to unclog, and about 100 hairs still clinging to the actual sink. The sink is white and your hair is black, you literally can't tell me you don't see it 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

 Yes same problem here!
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After spending ages doing the ironing for the whole family and hanging the clothes on a rail in order I will call everyone to come take their clothes. I might have two shirts of my own there but husband will take his and not mine, even though our wardrobes are right next to each other. And the rare time he actually cleans the bathroom ( well, just the sinks) he will clean his sink and not mine.

 Curious if you've ever mentioned it to him, like hey can you take my shirts/ clean my sink too? Some people have tunnel vision and it just doesn't occur to them to do more than the immediate task. They aren't doing it to be mean.
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 Yeah I tell him everytime! I say you couldn’t manage to take two of my things after everything I’ve done for you. Or I’ll say oh you cleaned your sink. Nice of you to do mine after the millions of times I’ve done yours. Honestly tho, he’s a great husband, it’s just those two little things that bug me.
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 Haha fair enough!
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 Rather than whinging at him after the fact, just say “take my shirts to please” or “clean my sink too please”- I’m sure he would.
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 But then I’m nagging. I shouldn’t have to ask him EVERY TIME.
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Golf balls and golf tees everywhere, cupboard doors left open, dishes left on the floor, clothes left on the floor, shoes that I trip over, not compromising, won't accept that sometimes he is a fault, belligerent drunk sometimes, beard hair everywhere, wears dirty muddy shoes in the house.

 I should have just wrote "breathes"
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 Sounds like a winner
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Mine hoards stuff. Not on a massive scale, but
in a 'we might need that one day' & 'I got that manky blanket for my birthday 20 years ago' way. This is really tough because I'm a minimalist. I wait until he's not home and throw stuff out (not his stuff, I'm talking about old towels, etc.)

The irony is, that thanks to me our house is tidy, uncluttered & clean (except the office/storage area). Then we go to a friend's house, which is cluttered and untidy & he judges them for it! I told him when HE is the one who keeps OUR house clean then he can judge others!!

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Financial irresponsibility and greed. Never satisfied with what he has. Spending addiction, also taking out payday loans and lies about it.

 And you’re with him because .....?
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Smokes when hes really stressed. I just to be understanding but its difficult.

Gee my hubby does all of the above and I just come along behind him a tidy it up.

Mine doesn't seem to know where the dirty clothes basket is. So i refuse to wash anything that isn't in there.... he still won't put clothes in there though 🤷‍♀️

Mine seems to be allergic to taking dishes to the kitchen or throwing things away. He'll open a packet of anything and leave the empty packet on the bench, above the him. He shits me to bloody tears.

Not too far at all. Mine leaves drawers and kitchen cupboards open all the time 😡

Haha that’s hilarious!

 I agree
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