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Why can’t I stop?

I have been having an affair with a guy I know is married, and I can’t stop!!! I’m single and only using this man for sex, but I feel horrible!

They have an open relationship (both work away from each other and are free to sleep with who ever) but I still feel horrible every time he leaves. I keep thinking this is it this is the last time, but then he messages me and makes me laugh and then I think why not?

How do I break this cycle???


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How do you know they have an open marriage? Because thats what he told you?

Find someone else who will never make you feel horrible. Tell this married guy it’s over, delete and block his number and off all socials.

I have broken it off, blocked him on everything. I will not be this person anymore!

 good luck affairs are very addictive. Stick at it..
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Find somebody else to have sex with? Plenty of single guys out there

Every time he makes you feel good, ask yourself if his wife found your texts, would she feel the same ‘good’ you do? No. She’d probably want to poke your eyes out cos I can guarantee he’s not in an open relationship.

I ended my affair with a married man about 12 months ago (I am also married). It was tough.. it is an addiction and nothing more. Honestly he feels nothing for you he is only driven by his own hormones. Although by the sounds of it you have also suffered from the ‘love drug’. My reason for ending it was also guilt for his wife. I had a dream involving her and the very next day I cut all ties.

 Survival tips for someone in the same situation. Ended 2 months ago
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 Make sure u block and delete all contacts. Then stop the memories and fantasies. The first few months were the worst. There were many times I wanted to contact him but fortunately couldn’t. I had depressive thoughts and even considered starting another affair. Concentrate on what you learnt and aim to make your marriage even better.
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 Feeling exactly like that right now. I keep getting tempted to call but using a 30 day no contact rule. Marriage ended at the same time. So basically I’m f****d...not literally either. I just want to close my eyes and wake up on the other side of this. Thanks for the tip though.
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 Oh. Your marriage ended or his? My husband doesn’t know. I almost confessed just so he would make the decision to leave or stay and work on things. That was also difficult as we are still having the same issues (lack of communication, affection, sex). I conscience of being vulnerable to another affair but I pretty much avoid men or talk about hubby a lot.
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I was single and with a married man for 7 years. It was so hard to walk away but I did. Took a long time to get over.