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Where can i buy best chocolate chip cookies?


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In my kitchen

 Send me money & cook you some damn good cookie 😆
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Why not cook them yourself? My wife's cookies are better than any store bought ones.

 Wow 🙄👌🏻 Rub it in why don’t ya
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 Some of us work
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 It literally takes 20 mins to bake cookies, that’s quicker than my husband takes to take a dump

That’s also the most amount of times I’ve used ‘takes’ in one sentence 😂
I’m such a silly billy
I’ve had no willy willy
And one glass too many 😪😢
Now I feel like a failure again 😢

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 You are not a failure. Promise.
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 Yay thank you I feel better now lol
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 Cookies are the easiest things to bake
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 Agreed, so quick and easy. And probably better than anything you could buy. Plus you can add whatever chocolate you want. Winning!
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I agree, the coles ones in the bakery section. Seriously delicious.

Seriously though, go eat some fruit salad it’ll stop the HANGRY and will help level you out emotionally :)
Just give it a try!
and if you’d like more tips on how to be happy and healthy let me know I’m more than happy to help 👍

 Maybe she wants to give some for a gift. Or maybe she feels like a decent choc chip cookie now and again.
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Definitely the Coles ones from the bakery. The $3 for 6pk. They are filled with chocolate chips