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Neighbours kids.

I am starting to get very annoyed at my neighbours kids, I cannot stand going outside my house. if I go outside they yell out to me constantly, they will come over all the time, they will stand on the boundary line and just stare, they got my mail out of the mailbox and walked straight into my house one day cause they seen I was sitting in my office! I don't care if they come play occasionally but not all day every day. And when I say we are not playing together they will come over 100 to check even when I have said and don't come back today. Even when they are here they are rude, no manners, found all their cans of drink and rubbish they bring over hidden behind the lounge! They yell just talking, I sent the boy home cause he was standing out the front of my house yelling out to people walking past and yelled out pigs to the police driving past! They are feral. How do I minimise our contact with out it turning sour as they are little shits and I think they could turn real nasty


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Only play out the back from now on. It's hard once you already let them in once but just tell your kids new rules are no visitors or guests at all after 6 months they wont remember and you can invite people you want to come over again.

Are they coming over to play with you or with your kids?

OP With the kids but will often try to follow me around while I do things. I just tell them go play with the kids or go home
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Get a good high fence, and a dog. I would suggest not having play days at all. If they are as feral as they sound you really dont want any contact at all. And their behaviour will definitely get worse as they get older.
It doesnt sound like they are being "raised" at all by their parents, as they have no respect, no sense of boundaries, no manners.
You certainly dont need this if you work from home.
Have you bought your house ? If not I would look at moving.

OP Hey are highly neglected when it come to the actual looking after them and parenting. They run the house! Unfortunately they had them when they were older and just can't handle them.

He parent was in my front yard. He kicked and swore at my daughter in the back yard and his dad did nothing so I said go home that's unacceptable behavior, he stormed off knocking my chair over and then standing on his veranda yelling out f*ck you etc etc

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Just have one day a week as play day? Be assertive and tell them to go if they come at any other time. No ifs buts or maybes, if nicely isn't working you have to be tough, not nasty just straight to the point. They knock on your door you say go home, play day is Tuesday.

OP I do believe I'm bring straight to the point and tough but maybe I need to be rude and tough
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I had this issue, except worse because where I live all my neighbors are inlaw family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc to hubby). So i sat the kids down to a hot lunch and explained our house rules, hygiene expectations, and the consequences of not following them. I treat them as I would my own kids as far as those things go. The kids actually welcomed some limits and structure, even accepted discipline because that's what children need. Since they started hanging around, they've become much less horrid. They use manners, wear clean clothes to school, eat healthier, and their grades have improved. A couple of their fathers (single mom situation) have stoppped by to thank me, drop off boxes of kid friendly groceries, or gimme a few dollars in appreciation for my help without judging them or the mother. You could be the person that helps these kids become functional members of society and give them a peek at a future their own parents don't see for them. You could change their lives with minimal effort on your part. They won't understand now, but when they're grown, they will remember you and be grateful

From reading your responses I’m going to take a wild guess and say these children being neglected is why they are the way they are.
I was like those kids when I was a kid. My mum worked all the time and even when she was home didn’t spend time with us to take us out on outings or do anything fun. It was always about her. As a result I stuck to the neighbours who paid a little attention to me and who I saw as the perfect parents. Looking back now they probably felt how you feel but as a child I never knew that I was coming off as the annoying little shit.
They can’t help the way they are if they have been left to raise themselves. They probably brought you the mail as a kind and helpful gesture because they see you as nice. They probably don’t care how tough you are towards them because you will still talk to them with the basic respect every child deserves. They probably see you playing with your children out in the yard, tending to their bumps and grazes and hanging out the washing, and they want to join in because to them you are the absolute perfect mother.

You need to call DOCS now so they can have a chance of the “perfect” family, the one like you have.

They are not your problem & you obviously don't like them being around. Just pull back, be firm & stop their visits. You shouldn't have to have people in your home you don't want there. I don't know how you can do this but you really shouldn't have your private space invaded by a holes.

Lock your doors and gates so they can't access your house or backyard. Then just ignore them.

Put on wrong turn and get them to watch it. It isn’t scary but has a little gore so it should keep the parents from letting them go there.

OP They wouldn't care unfortunately they are out on their bikes as early as 6 and will be out till dark they wouldn't know where they are or care what they are watching
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What are you doing lady. Give a anonymous call to child protection. If the children neglected that much by parents they do deserve some other family.

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I do feel sorry for them but I don't think it's my problem. I have enough going on dont need 2extra feral kids

Have you spoke to their parents about the issue your having Maybe a quick chat might solve it simple better than packing up and moving

OP Unfortunately, their parents aren't that much better. I've talked to them about a few things when it first happened but it didn't seem to change things and they didn't care
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OP Unfortunately, their parents aren't that much better. I've talked to them about a few things when it first happened but it didn't seem to change things and they didn't care
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