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How often does your other half go down on you?

Ok we've had the blow job question,
What about men giving head back and repaying the favour so to speak? My husband will go down any chance I give him, obviously I won't let him if I have my periods or before a shower. But he goes crazy for it, me personally can't see what all he fuss is about!


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My husband would do it every day if I let him. I just don't like it... The sounds, the sensation, the saliva... Yuck yep not into it. Plus vaginas are friggen ugly and I imagine the taste to be vile... Not my cup of tea at all! Give me all other kinds of foreplay, just not that!

 Exactly how I feel!
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 As a man I think the taste is wonderful, I feel loved and trusted that my wife gives herself to me that way, and if you have that idea about how you look and taste down there, personally I think you need to rethink that. I think my wife is pretty down there. I love the way she looks and tastes and I love exploring her with my tongue. You are NOT bad down there. Peoples' bodies are nothing to be ashamed of.
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Very rarely. Im just not into it, never have been.

 What!!! You are an odd woman lol
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 I'm with you. I'm not keen on it either.
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 Maybe the ladies who aren't keen on it have just had guys who don't know how to do it well? I didn't enjoy it until my husband. The man is a god at it.
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 Does nothing for me, wish it did! And not becaus there's anything wrong with my husband, even with ex's....nothing
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 I agree with the person saying you prob with guys who aren't great at it. I used to hate with my ex, so gross and really put me off, so much pressure to orgasm but never got there.
Husband now is like this fu****g man god with his big lips, so good, can't get enough. Literally like 60 seconds and I'm there with him.

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Everytime here as well. He would do it a lot more often if he could. He begs me to let him do it. How can a girl say no?

 Lol so lucky
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I dont understand how so many women dont like it? Is it a personal thing or are your partners not real good at it?
Not being rude just curios as my hubby is great at it & i really enjoy it. Past partners not so much.

 I used to be uncomfortable with the idea, and had never let anyone do it to me until one day when DH and I had been married like 3 years (and together for 5) we had started getting more adventurous and he asked again and I said yes and I've been saying yes ever since 😂😏😉
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 I am not a fan of it, it's a personal thing, I Have never liked it with any of my past partner or its my now husband.
And what I like, you might not like. We are different and into different things :)

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 Id like to hear more^^ hubby & i are always up 4 trying new things.
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 My hubby only ever does it when he's drunk. It makes me feel uncomfortable cos I feel bad for him cos I think vaginas are gross.
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Every time i get a wax so every couple of months. I love it but not a fan of giving blowjobs

Going down on your wife is one of the bigest turn ons for men, next time your in the mood tell him what you want and let him down there , he wants to.

Twice in six years together lol

 3 or 4 times in 10 years lol. So he doesn't get a head job either lol, fair is fair.
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I can count how many times on one hand & we've be together 16 years.

I hate it so only the 2 times I gave in when he keeps asking!

About every 3 times we have sex. But he gets a blow job everytime. Somethings not fair here lol

Never, im not really a huge fan of it from past experience. Would rather intercourse!

Once a month or so I'm not a huge fan of it anyway... something about it makes me uncomfortable

My husband asks "why don't you give blow jobs anymore?", I say "why don't you go down on me anymore? "
We've been at an oral standstill ever since

 Sounds a little fishy to me
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