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Just curious, how many alcoholic drinks do you have each day/wk/month?


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Wow lol feeling like a bit of an alco haha

 Yeah, me too, don't think I'll comment what I drink lol
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 you dont deserve to be a mum
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 Oh shush you, you know nothing about me, now run along and try and stir shit elsewhere :)
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 She made a joke. For Gods sake if I wasn't pregnant I'd be drinking.

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Aaaaaah eleven weeks till I can drink! I haven't had a drink in 24 weeks...

About 2lt a week.

 Yes I drink cask wine.
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 Nothing wrong with goon
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Usually drink only Fri-Sun and a couple glasses a night. If we see friends its more, and away on hols I'll have a couple of drinks a night.

I don't generally drink. Last time i did was a few glasses of wine at my friends wedding a year ago... i never really drank much before i had kids either. I always worry if i did have a drink or two when they went to bed- something could happen and i would be over the limit to drive them to hospital.

I might have a drink 2 times a year. Last drink was New Year's Eve. I will only buy what I will drink too. I have no control when alcohol is in front of me so I just keep it to the odd occassion.

1 bottle of wine over the weekend anywhere from once a month to every weekend depending on how much my husband is away with work.

I have a glass of wine most nights when the kiddies are in bed.

3-4 a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. I enjoy a rum and coke or a cider after the kiddies are in bed. Sometimes hubby and I will share a bottle of wine over a couple of nights. Sometimes I have one whilst cooking dinner. I don't drink to get pissy, after all I have kids who will be up at 5-6 in the morning so can't be feeling under the weather. I just enjoy the mellowness. A drink or too helps me relax after a stressful day/week. Some nights none. Some weeks none. Some months none.

I rarely drink. Ever... I would have 5 a year if that.... Tops!

On average I would probably say 2-3 drinks a month. But in saying that I sometimes go months without alcohol. I haven't really been a big drinker since I had kids and don't need alcohol.