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Do you/your husband wear weddings rings? If not how come


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My husband wears his all the time, I can't wear mine all the time b cause of eczema flare-ups

 Same here. But it’s only just started happening to me
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I don't. I'm sure people will comment shit about a Greek sugar daddy here but my rings are so expensive. I have a 2ct solid princess cut that sits quite high and my band is full of diamonds so I don't wear them to work (child care) and then honestly I just forget to put them on haha

 I had this problem, so I got a plain gold band for every day wear- feel funny not wearing one
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 You rings are so good you don't want to wear them....seems legit.
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 Correction, I don't wear them to work. As I said it sits quite high and I run a nursery so I don't want to cut them with it. It happened with my own child and then I just forget to put them on most of the time. I don't need to wear them to know I'm married. It ain't about the rings.
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 2 carats and working in child care
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 Where did I say that I paid for my own ring?? 😂😂😂 Bi****s be so jealous.
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My husband cheated on me. We had a huge fight and I threw our rings in the backyard. A crow came and took his lol. We stayed together and 15 years later my house got broken into and my ring was stolen ( I couldn’t wear it at work). So no, we don’t wear rings.

 My husband has thrown so many away I now only buy the cheap stainless steel from Michael hill or Prius’s
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 Er what? Why does he keep throwing them away?
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Yes both of us do always with the exception of when we are handling raw meat.

anyone working as a sparky, or with various rotating machines (lathes, conveyors, etc) will usually not wear rings to avoid injuries. Some minesites have policies regarding jewellry, and so you will often find people wearing their wedding bands on a necklace instead of on their finger.

17yrs married now. We did in the beginning but I've never been a jewellery person so I stopped wearing mine. He couldn't wear his as it was uncomfortable for work and had to take it off all the time. I got a tattoo ring later on and absolutely love it. I get lots of comments on it all the time.

I do mostly. My husband never. My husband does very physical work and works with all types of machinery and it could be dangerous. He use to wear it when we went out but now the ring won't even go past his knuckle. It doesn't bother me at all. I wear mine most days unless I'm working or playing sport. Some days I just forget to put it on. It's only a ring after all. I know my husband and I are both loyal to each other.

If i go out I do. Hubby only does sometimes but that doesn't bother me. We know we're married

No because we're both sleeping with other people- we don't acknowledge this though

 So you have proof he has been sleeping around? Why not just have an open relationship?
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 Scandalous! 😱
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My husband does his

I lost 2 and one broke.
So never replaced them.

 It that a sign?
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 That I shouldn’t wear jewellery? Yes I headed it for years, tried to ignore it for wedding rings but it won me over for good.

Back to no jewellery for me. It gets in the way of life.

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We don’t, but we never exchanged them in the first place.. I don’t know what it is, but I have never liked the idea of rings, let alone marriage rings.

 How closely they resemble shackles (albeit teeny tiny ones for your finger)?
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I wear my wedding band daily, but not the engagement ring because it just gets in the way. It’s more for special occasions . My husband has a wedding ring but never wears it because he hates how they feel. He got our children’s initials tattooed liked a band around his ring finger instead

We don’t wear them - we find them uncomfortable

 What monogamy?
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No as I don’t fit it anymore. He doesn’t because of his work, could de-glove his finger.

 What does he do?
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