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Moved in with a friend. Oven looks like it hasnt been cleaned in 5+ yrs. Anyway to remove hardcore baked on stains from the glass door, and a build up of black stuff from the inside?

She has asked me to try my best to clean it, and i dont have to pay rent lol!!! Im temped to buy a new one 🤔


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Lol. Okay so fill an oven proof dish with hot water, and put it in the oven at 130°C for a half hour. Then, with some heat resistant gloves and a wet cloth, wipe the glass clean. And the inside of the oven. Vinegar helps if there's a smell. Just mix it in with your soapy water rinsing bowl.
The steam will have loosened up all the gunk.
Take the racks (or is it spelled wracks?) and put them in a tub of BioZet washing powder and water and let them soak for a couple of hours.
The outside, just scrub it I guess.

 Use HOT water or the glass will crack.
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Thanks everyone. I almost feel like just hiring someone but ill give it a go first! I dont mind cleaning but just looking at it is overwhelming lol.

I haven't cleaned mine for over two years lol

 To be fair though I only ever cook potato in it... or lasagna
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Bicarb and water paste. Spread over everything and set for 20 mins. Wet a rag with vinegar, don't wring it. Wipe it over everything, rewetting frequently. Wait another 15 mins. Wash with soapy water.

There's an oven cleaner from Coles (can't remember the name but it comes in a box) that is great, it's works by putting all the racks and all other removable parts in a huge bag with the cleaning solution - comes up brand new. I have also used a specialist oven cleaning company called OvenU costs roughly $130 but they make the oven look brand new.

Heat the fucker up full blast, turn off, wait 8 hours I think it is (read the back of the cleaner), spray the whole thing, minus elements of course With Mr Muscle. Use The whole can. Leave half a day/overnight, then scrub the f**k out of it. I had to do the same when I was renting as apparently I took over a family of pigs who liked to leave dirty used trays in their filthy ovens between uses.