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School kids washing teachers car as apart of play based learning

My kindigartner came home with wet socks and I asked her why she said that they washed the teachers car in play Bus learning. Play bus learning is one day a week for one class the merge the kindi classes together and do play based learning. But I don't see how washing a car is learning? It's not like it was for raising money or something they just randomly washed the car. I am finding it weird. Is it something that usually happens this is my first child in school


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You know.. I really doubt a bunch of kindy kids are going to do a good job on washing a car anyway so it probably was just play.. the tracher probs had to go wash all the suds and grass off her car at home time.

 Er. Teacher*
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What a fun teacher!! I wish they did things like this at our local school, bet they had a blast! I don't think I would let kindys near my car though 😂

It might have been a pretend play situation and the teachers decided to give them real life experience? Like pretending to cook or garden or playing babies. The teachers set up an opportunity for the kids to do the real thing. While I haven’t had my car washed (I’m a kindy teacher) I’ve certainly had a lot of greening sessions or had kids brushing my hair at a ‘hairdresser’ and had baby brother or sister come in and have a bath at kindy.

 *gardening sessions
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OP Usually they just do colouring in or play shop and stuff. I don't know why i think it's strange lol. It was obviously fun for the kids
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 The kids in my class beg to be able to wash the tables and dishes after fruit time and to use the brooms outside. They would love it! Especially if there were bubbles or if it were a hot day.
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Lucky kids being able to auctually learn to do such a thing. A lot of kids would not do this at home and would have had a lot of fun. Colouring in and playing shops is something easily done at home. No doubt the teacher went through the car wash on the way home

Are you upset about this? I am not sure so I want to clarify before proceeding.

OP Not upset just don't understand. Thought it was a bit strange is all. I'm going to ask tomorrow about it
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 It will give them a Friday giggle when you ask. The kids would have loved it!
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 They're going to think you're insuating they just make the kids wash their cars in their spare time no matter how you bring it up. You're gonna be "THAT mum"...
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 Please don't ruin it for the kids, there is always one parent who has to question the teachers, making them not want to do these types of activities in future :(
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OP I'm not ruining it. What's wrong with ask I g why they are doing something
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 Would you ask why they were making drive through car washes and all washing crazy coupes in the play yard.
You will sound like you are complaining about your poor little snowflake being forced to do a chore.
good on the educators for thinking outside the box instead of the same standard stuff. The activity would have been a mission for staff.
Does the kindy have a day book that they update parents on the day? Check it out that should explain it

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 So you’re ‘one of those mums’ who just can’t help but question and make it awkward for the poor teachers, it’s not a big deal just leave them alone?? Why question them Over it ? The only weird thing about it is YOUR judgmental attitude and not letting it go! God I hate mums like you 😒
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OP Wow such hostility. Go get a root and stop being a bitch. I never said I had a problem. If teachers get so offended and upset by someone asking them a simple question they should go live under a rock. By the way I didn't have to ask anything and i wasnt complaining simply CURIOUS not judgemental. 3 other parents complained because no note was sent home the kids came home with wet socks and shoes on a dsy where it was actually raining on and off and one one got a rash from the detergent.
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 😂 you expect a note home when the kids are going to wash a car? That's hilarious! Would you be pissed your snowflakes got wet socks playing outside. Do you not pack spare cloths for kindy?
As for the detergent shit happens. Had the parents put that in the allergy section of enrolment?
You sound like you are being really precious. Sounds like your kids live sheltered lives and could do with more fun activities like this more often.

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 Does your kid have a head to toe smock incase the paint escapes off the paper
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 Goodness, you guys are nasty. Op can happily ask, I ask all the time in a non judgmental way things about class activities as I'm a curious mum and teachers have good explanations about things I don't think anything about, eg a car washing exercises and what the kids did? :P You guys are crazily reading what your own restless minds want to read
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Could be a bit of spontaneous fun? Or a team / play thing? Hot day? It is probably not common but I say good on her for going with it. I am a prep teacher and so many fun little opportunities pop up, that I don't go with because of backlash from parents. My kids do get a kick out of washing the chairs, washing the tables, using the dust pans etc. to clean the floor. They get a buzz being helpers, I have had parents and silly staff joke about slavery etc. (a joke but with a dig...) but they really have gleaming respect and pride for their classroom and they love to do anything to help out the teacher.

Well thankyou to those who gave answers as to why they thought the kids would be doing this and not be rude about it. Helps me understand. And no my kid isn't a precious snow flake. I wasn't upset I just was curious. I don't see it as being unreasonable to ask why my kid is doing something at school. It's all about understanding... that's all. The kids had fun and I'm not going to go wine about it. And yes if there was another activity I was curious about I would ask too.

 Some people can be nasty just because they can. It's good to get other opinions on things you're not sure about, ask away and ignore the bitchiness ☺
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Was it a hot day? My kids have washed things at school on hot days, like bikes and play equipment. Everything can be a learning experience. I'm ing if it was 2 classes together the focus was working as a team and helping each other. Also to clean the teachers car 😂

 Umm 'ing' is meant to have a 'guess' in front of it
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OP No it wasn't hot
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 I was thinking a team work activity too...
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If it’s a regular thing probably not appropriate if it is a one off then not appropriate for you to question it.

Washing a car is a learning experience (learning to use a hose, sponge, fine motor skills) as well as sensory play using bubbles and water (water play is usually a big part of kindy) . It could also be part of learning about the environment- watching how much water is used, washing car on grass etc not too mention alot of fun for the kids.

Its done to learn about team work teaching them about working together to achieve a goal the car was probably the biggest item to allow everyone working together at the same time