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Ladies that don't wear underwear

I am very curious about this, don't you have discharge? What made you decide this? What about under a dress? any info is good TIA


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My undies are like a security blanket for me, I cant not wear them, I agree with you and am just as curious!!

I'm the OP .... I stopped wearing them out of comfort... i live in qld so i rarely wear jeans... and ill admit I'm a legging girl in the winter.
thats what got me no undies i couldn't stand VPL and g strings gave me thrush. then i realised how much more comfy it is.
i don't wear under tight dresses and it reminds me to keep my legs closed :p on loose flow dresses i usually have a bikini on.
before breast feeding i had A cups and also rarely wore bras too! but i have to wear bras no as I'm still a C cup.

i do wear sexy undies for hubby though lol. but only when I'm having sex.
i rarely get discharge. and you still get discharge in undieS? so what do you do? :P i just wash my pants lol.

to be fair i am often in swimmers but i hate that too, so uncomfortable.

What if you’ve got big flaps? There’s no way I can go without undies, especially in jeans. Ouch!

I've started to not wear undies. I am a larger girl and have had real problems trying to find comfy undies that feel beautiful on. Wearing no undies does give a level of freedom and I found my lady parts can breathe better. I also wear no undies at night. I hate clothes in general lol

 Can you please help me out because i lost my mum and i have know where to live can i live with you
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I always wear underpants and a bra during the day... am I the only one?

But isn't it horribly uncomfortable in things like jeans with the seam against your lady parts?

 God no! It's like freedom not to have them on, especially with jeans. And if your jeans fit properly there shouldn't be any rubbing!
I never wear undies, ever! Not even to work. And when I have my period I wear tampons and change them regularly.

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 No way. You are flowing free. And no one knows so you have this hidden bad girl in your pants haha
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Id love not to wear them but I get a lot of discharge..I wear panty liners when it's really heavy. I might try one light days.

From the time I was 17 until I was 33 the only time i wore panties was on my period. Leggings, Jeans, skirts, dresses, even my wedding dress I always went commando. Unfortunately baby number 2 ruined my pelvic floor and I pee everytime I cough, sneeze or laugh too hard! So now panties are essential.

 It is sad that childbirth was your nemesis! My grandmother had a similar time with pregnancies & a prolapsed uterus from miscarriages! Medical & maternal care certainly aren't running in favor of women's health BUTTT things are certainly better than they every have been before. What a world!
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I stopped wearing panties about five years ago. They have always been uncomfortable, and even as a schoolgirl I usually went pantyless at the weekends. Of course, my mother didn't know this.
When I left school there didn't seem to be any point in wearing them, so I went without. At first it was with modest length skirts and dresses, but over the years they have got shorter, and now most of the time they are really short miniskirts.
I love the freedom, and the breeze up my skirt as I walk along.
There has been a few accidents where someone has been aware that I have nothing under my skirt, but this doesn't bother me.
Sheila, Bristol, England.

 Seems like for 99.99999% of all history there were no panties at all ... first of all, there was no elastic to cut off one's circulation & there was no nylon. In about 1935 it seems that Montgomery Wards advertised sanitary "napkin" panties for everyday wear & the trillion dollar panty industry took off!
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I only do it under pants. You can't bet if I am not on my period and I have pants on I don't wear underwear. I've never had a lot of discharge either so that helps

I don't wear any undies, majority of days.
Days where I have discharge I wear underwear.
And if I am wearing dresses, I wear shape wear instead of underwear.
I just stopped wearing them because I found it to be way more comfortable.
Now when I wear them I find it terribly annoying now to wear them.