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Ladies that don't wear underwear

I am very curious about this, don't you have discharge? What made you decide this? What about under a dress? any info is good TIA


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Only at night in bed

 I'm the opposite. Thats when I'm more likely to take them off
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I'm going to try it now hehe

 How did it go?
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I think I'd feel weird wearing a bra but no undies. I used to go without underwear at night under nightie and PJs, but since having a baby I feel funny with him in the bed when I don't wear undies, plus my PJ pants ride up, rub and hurt when I'm trapped in uncomfortable sleeping positions when he finally falls asleep against me lol!

I barely ever wear undies, I probably own 3 normal pairs and the rest are sexy ones to match the sexy bras. I don't have a period (thank you contraception) and if I do have a bit of mucous discharge (which is rare because of my contraception) I use the freshen up wipes by libra. And it doesn't matter what I'm wearing, I'll probably be commando.
My partner absolutely loves it and i love it too. Gives me a sense of freedom and comfort! But if it's an occasion I'll wear the sexy stuff

 Thank goodness for going commando or the popularity of "no nothing" between one's legs. Pantiless hooray, but shave off your bush (or yank out the hairs by their bloody roots permanently (& repeat as necessary) -- to be beautiful one must suffer(??) -- so on-lookers don't immediately realize there is nothing but fresh air, sunshine & freedom in between your legs! Seems that Eve got along very well without any fancy drawers at all, but these days "fashion" sports a multi-billion underwear/foundation industry, keeping one's figure "up" with the neighbors next door. Likewise plastic surgery & cut and paste from every angle imaginable to look like a teen-aged goddess for the rest of one's life ... just add surgery!
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I usually don't wear them, QLD summer and it's so much more comfortable. I'm wearing them at the moment because I have a sarong on and they're riding up my butt. I don't get a lot of discharge so that's not really an issue. I don't wear bras either, I did when my boobs were huge while breastfeeding but normally have itty bitty titties.

I dont wear underwear under skirts but its mostly to fulfill my husbands fantasies lol Other then that i always wear them.