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Ladies that don't wear underwear

I am very curious about this, don't you have discharge? What made you decide this? What about under a dress? any info is good TIA


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Ladies if you havent gone out in a sexy dress, no panties and a nice stay in place butt plug you dont know what you are missing. My husband actually sends me out like that all the time. I come home soaked. He loves it.
Give it a try

My flaps are too big. They rub against each other and it hurts. Gotta keep them in with undies.

 That is too Hot
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What happens when you fart ? Do you skid on your clothing?

 If you leave skiddies when you fart, there is something wrong with you.
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 Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen though lol
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 It's called a shart
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I cant imagine NOT wearing underwear. It is completely unnatural to me to not have underwear on.

I do'n wear underwear too, it is one of best thing, O feel freedon and more confortable

Might want to try & eliminate panties completely from your wardrobe.

Be comfortable no matter what, because you owe it to yourself and if that means going commando then thats what you need to do- dont worry about public opinion or even perverts- just try to act natural and be natural for your sakes.

I went thru a non knicker phase for a few years, was liberating. Put weight on and I had to wear them again to stop the chaffing

I'm a 60 year old woman who hasn't owned any underwear in 28 years. I almost exclusively wear skirts and dresses, except when working on our farm.
I always hated bras and panties and was only too happy to give them up when my husband asked me to.

Only at night in bed

 I'm the opposite. Thats when I'm more likely to take them off
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