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What is your experience with weight loss shakes??? I'm on Optifast at the moment, but heard it is full of sugar......

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Surely there is a nutrition panel on the box. Generally low fat means high sugar.

Check out the optifast vlcd support group on Facebook for advice, support and recipes.
It's also full of so many positive stories and results from real people.

I've had a few friends who have tried weight loss shakes and as soon as they finished using them they gained weight back. The best way to lose weight is going the hard way. Have lots of healthy and nutritious meals and exercise. Make exercise fun by getting the kids involved, those little energy suckers are great at helping. Kick the football around, go for walks exploring your city/town, get in the playground and use the monkey bars or play on the slide, crank the music and dance while you are cleaning the house. Make it different so it is fun and watch as the weight comes off.

 I like swimming. There are are number of parents that do laps while their kids have lessons at the pool i swim at (Obviously wouldnt work if you had young kiddies in lessons but when they get a bit older)
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I worked for and followed the program for CMWL. I would give it zero stars. I lost weight far too quickly which led to loose skin all over and sagginess around my face. When I left the job, and finished my program I began gaining weight very quickly, no matter what I ate. I would not recommend any shake diet. They are high in processed sugar and a lot of other chemical additives.

I think shakes are fine if you want to lose weight fast. But if you want to keep the weight off, you need to change your lifestyle. If you think you can have a shake for lunch for the rest of your life, then yes, go for it.

 This is why I ended up doing weightwatchers
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Ive just started michelle bridges 12wbt and its been really good. You can access different 45 minute workout videos and sets your meal plan for the week. You can change the meal around if you dont like whats in the plan. Im losing weight and saving money because im planning my meals instead of wondering the supermarket trying to decide what to have for tea. The kids have liked all the meals too

I'm on optifast too. I don't believe they are full of sugar or else they would taste better 😂 They work but you have to be careful to not go back to old habits when you come off them. I replace breakfast and dinner with the shakes and eat lunch usually.