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I want to organise my recipes electronically. Has anyone found a way of doing this, that's easy, organised & works??

I want to organise my recipes electronically. I've done the whole binders with clippings etc. They take too much room. Has anyone used a software that makes it easy to capture all your recipes that are in books, mags, clippings, website pages, Facebook links etc. Want to be able to organise in categories but still be able to search in various ways eg. Ingredients. I don't want to spend a lot, so don't want to have to pay for monthly or yearly subcscriptions. Has anyone found a way of doing this, that's easy, organised & works?? Would love to hear. (I have done a web search but most things seem to be American based, not sure what else is out there)


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One note! Free to download in the App Store! It is brilliant to make your own recipe book of sorts, different tabs, can add photos etc. check boxes for ingredient lists. I use it on my iPad in the kitchen all the time when cooking.

 I recently visited a dietician who recommended this app ^
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I type mine up in in a word document in little tables. I highlight the top part of the table where I have the name of the recipe a different colour (green for thermomix, blue for slow cooker etc).I have them organised according to red meat, chicken, pasta etc. I just have two documents one for savoury and one for sweet.

 Thats a great idea.
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Evernote is brilliant - I have different notebooks for recipes, Study, hobbies. You can type your own or 'clip' from online. It's brilliant, simple and free.

I take photos of my hard copy recipes and uploading them to Pinterest as that's where I already have most of mine.

What are these American ones you found? lol I am American and would love to have this too. For now I have everything on pinterest, but its a mess

Sorry, forgot to say that a lot of them require it to be used on a tablet, iPad or iPhone only. iPhones are too small & I don't have a tablet/ipad. So my options are very few.

I organise recipes through Word. I have a file called Recipes and File per recipe name.docx. You can scan the documents and put them into Word.

I'm not sure about software, but i think you would be able to do everything you want to with a It's free to make an account and apart from having hundreds of thousands of recipes to look through on the site, I'm pretty sure you can input your own recipes and save and organise them into categories of your choosing. Take a look!