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Should I give the dog back?

Long story short: we adopted a dog through a dog shelter here in town. Dog was fine at first, but after a week or so started to show some aggression towards our youngest boy (4 years old), it is a nightmare to walk with (lunges towards any dog we see) and I have a hard time controlling him. He is a bull Arab cross. Thoughts? We can return him to the shelter, but I wonder if it is worth hanging on to him?


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Save your child's life. Return the dog with your head held high.

I’m a dog foster owner. We have a pit bull cross Arab , a pug and two English staffys perminantly in the home.
I specialise in bull Arab/ staffy/ amstaf/ mastiff / Rottweiler fosters. I prepare them for their new owner. And prepare their report and vet prospective owners for adoption.
A lot of Forster caters don’t have kids in the home so they can only give guidelines based on how the dog behaviour in public which isn’t indicative. A good first will be honest and accurate but it’s not always the case.

In my opinion I would be taking back to the shelter and explain the situation.
It will likely exclude you from further adoption but is probably the best for your family and the dog.
Otherwise your risk little mate making a wrong move hurting a child and losing his life which doesn’t need to happen. (Neither as both are sad)

I would call the shelter tomorrow morning at the least to engage a conversation about it. If it’s a good center it should work with you

If it is showing aggression signs give doggy back to the shelter, the shelter will help place the dog in a better situation and train the dog properly to try and help the aggression. It’s probably good this happened so the shelter is aware the dog has aggression problems.

Give it back. How many stories do I have to read about dogs eating kids faces before parents realise dogs and children don't mix.

I am an animal lover, but I am getting alarm bells since you have mentioned that the dog has shown aggression to your youngest child. I would look at rehoming the dog immediately and in the interim don’t leave the dog unsupervised with your children.

Take it back!
We have a bill Arab X and he is the most beautiful dog ever. This poor doggy sounds like it's had it rough, I would take it back. Could save your child's life.

Agression yes take it back. Not safe dog breed anyway to have around kids.

Do not keep the dog, it sounds like a dangerous situation with your child.

Have you decided OP?

 We’re still undecided. Dog is going to be desexed next week so it might help with his temper? I gave the shelter a call and they instructed me not to leave kids alone with the dog (Which I was already doing anyway, even before I realised he was “snapping” at the kids). Talking to hubby tonight to make a decision!
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 I wouldn't be relying on desexing to fix the issue. If it's learned behaviour, it's not going to be fixed by surgery. Don't feel bad about returning the dog, sometimes they just aren't a good match. I adopted a dog from a pound, but she just wasn't a good match for us. I rehomed her and now she's with a lovely couple and has a doggy pal to play with.
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 I can't believe this is a hard choice for you. Safety of my children or a dog? That's a tough one.
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Im amazed they let you take an aggressive dog when you have a 4yo, most rescues are strict about stuff like that. Child is always more important than a dog dont think twice.

Definitely take it back, don’t risk your kids life