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Go to to sign a petition to keep WA borders closed


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If Clive Palmer wins that court case, everyone in the state should join a class action to sue him for the consequences, ie every individual who gets really sick, and all their relatives for pain and suffering.

The spiteful selfish individual has sued everyone he can here in Queensland to get his own way.
He bought an Award Winning Resort, Coolum Hyatt Resort, that hosted golf tournaments and corporate planning sessions, and systematically destroyed it, so that it lost all that business.
And he cut off the water and electricity supply from residents who had bought lifetime residential rights to their villas on the resort grounds, to drive them out - because he wanted to redevelop the place. It is now a mess, after his Dinosaur Park debacle.
He took massive amounts of money out of the Townsville Nickel refinery, to fund his political ambitions, so there was no money to even pay employee entitlements. That is now before the courts as suspected fraud, action taken by ASIC.

The wikipedia article describes his mode of operating.

Your Premier has done a great job of protecting you during the Covid pandemic, but this individual is trying to undo it all, and expose you to what Melbourne and Sydney are going through.

And he could not care less.

 Love Love Love this
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 😱 im scared
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No offense WA people, but you can't keep your borders closed forever. Get over it.

 Not forever. But while numbers are going up in Victoria and NSW, why would want to open them now? If we have another lockdown as is happening in BIC the economy will suffer even more. It’s is for the sake of the whole country we keep our borders closed.
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 No one wants to come to WA right now. Keep them closed the rest of us don't care.
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 ^ I dont why, Life is pretty much back to normal here. But that’s fine, stay away. We don’t want you here either
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 I have friends/family in vic who say if borders were open theyd get out of vic right now and come to WA.
They are scared over there, but I'm scared for that influx of scared people who may bring covid with them!
It just needs to stay closed for now.

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Mark 3 cheers to you and west Australians, keep the boarders closed.

I’m from Victoria. What has happened here was obviously done on purpose - wake up people they were always going to go herd. They are managing the release so lots of people don’t die at once.

Wish we could keep Clive Palmer out of our state ☹️

Just signed, thanks for sharing this ...

 ❤ I hope mods don't delete this post
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