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Rsvp'ing to a party

If you RSVP'd by text message to a party your child was invited to but didn't get a reply what do you do? I don't just want to show up this weekend if the parent didn't get my message. Or is it normal not to reply back to an RSVP message? I usually get a response back from other parents though.


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Just follow up your text message with another.
'Johnny' can't wait for 'Jimmy's' party on Saturday .......
Do you have any present ideas for 'Jimmy'?

Hi. Just wondering if X has any gift requests. Then they will write back

No reply is weird, I mean it’s courteous to acknowledge receipt of the message. Werie

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Thank you, i will give that a go and see if I hear anything back.

 Double check the number just in case you typed it in wrong, I've done that before
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Maybe they just got distracted or busy? I forgot to reply sometimes