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Anyone joined the country women’s association?

What do they do? Is it just for old women? I am 35 in a rural town with no friends and looking to make some.. do you think there would be young women at the CWA?


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One of the core goals of the CWA is to reduce the social isolation for rural women. I’m not certain, but I think they provide (or at the least help facilitate) education for women as well as baking awesome cakes and scones. I’d definitely give them a go. You’ll only get out of it what you put into it, so give it a go. The age range in your local CWA branch will depend on the demographics of the town you live in, but I’m sure they would welcome you with open arms regardless of any age gap.

Its worth checking out, depends where you are but there could be younger woman in your branch. Even if they are not so young you might be surprised how well you get along with them, id give it a go if its your thing, then if you dont gel with them move on.

Getting a job at the pub 1 or 2 nights a week might be good for meeting people and ‘getting involved’ too.

The CWA groups everywhere are wanting younger ladies to join, so they can keep their numbers up. Don't think that they are a bunch of old fuddy-duddys, because they're mostly very spritely and quite active. You'll probably learn a lot, and make good friends.

Check out the blogger BabyMac, she posts a lot about the country women's association. I think they're just old ladies that craft and bake and drink.. if you're lucky.