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Deterring theives if you have a carport

Lots of people had cars broken into and stolen last night so just wondering what people's tips are to deter a potential theft


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Kill the first one and hang their body up to warn off others.

Sick joke, sorry.

Keep cars locked, keep valuables out of cars, lock gates if you have them and even try a car cover.

What about a sensor light?

OP We do have one but it's a bit fickle. Do they deter them though?
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 I'm not sure! BUT... wouldn't a light make them worried they'll be seen?

We had some trouble at our house and the police suggested we install a fake security camera. He said that statistics have shown that security cameras (even fake ones) can reduce crime by up to 70%.
I don't know the truth in this but there are some very realistic cameras out there these days. Ours takes a battery to make a red light flash intermittently to make it look like it's recording.
We haven't had any more trouble since we installed our $10 fake cheap as chips camera.

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OP THATs a brilliant idea can I ask where you bought the camera?
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 On my local crime Facebook pages people are often posting images their security systems have take of thieves. It doesn't really deter them it seems (as some of these people have been hit multiple times) but it would definitely make it easier for the police to catch them.
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 In SA we have a store called 'cheap as chips'. It's like the reject shop. Maybe Bunnings have something similar?
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Motion lights. There are solar ones you don't need to hook in to your electrical.

Dog helps but we get complaints from neighbours about barking. Honestly being near a school provides greater security because they have security after-hours.

Can you get some security stickers - ones that say there are cameras on the property, to stick on house windows? We have a carport too, no gate and our dog died last year. We have an old alarm and sensors etc that still light up - that and the stickers and a thief would asdume our property had a working alarm. Other than that, just make it as hard as possible. Lock gates, car, don't leave anything in the car, get a better sensor light. Anything to deter or make it that bit more difficult and time consuming to target you, your car and property.

OP Good idea about the sticker
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Answered by OP

Lol I wish you could do that with people and not be charged!
Our front gates are pissy little ones you can walk over lol. But I will start locking them and make it as hard as possible. They make a bit of noise but I was also thinking of putting a bell on the bottom or something?
I'm lucky that our neighbours have a dog that barks at anything lol but I do live on an alley way