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My cousins 4 year old son and my kids were playing hide and seek and my cousins son got excited. He turned off the dishwasher and my cousin and his wife yelled at him and send him to his room for 3 hours

Do you think that’s boderline abuse ?


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Kid probs my got distracted in his too after 5 minutes and forgot he was being punished

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I think that punishment is quite severe. I wouldn’t do that. A four year old can listen to a simple explanation about why not to do that. A simple 5 minute time out if they continued to do it just to be annoying would suffice

 The mum is Asian and a tiger mum
The child knows how to peel potatoes and load the washing machine not use it
He knows how to use microwave and when he’s 6 he will be mowing the back and front yard

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Unfortunately we don't t get to choose how other parents discipline their kids but for me personally I think 3 hours is way too much for a child of that age

Unless a bedroom is stripped of all things I don’t understand being sent to your room as punishment. My son will happily spend an hour in his room playing with his toys, reading, just chilling. Unless they locked their 4yo in his room I don’t know how they could have kept him in there for 3 hours unless he was enjoying his confinement.

It is hard to discipline kids a calm talk is better then yelling everyone makes mistakes. I think kids have it hard to be honest. I try to think if I wouldn’t do this or say this to an adult I shouldn’t do it when I’m mad at a kid. we shouldn’t treat people differently because they are little. I have seen parents being outright rude to their kids and they wouldn’t dream of doing it to thei sister mhm or anyone else who is grown

I haven’t got a problem giving kids chores, yelling and screaming is abuse.