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Alcohol and Other Drugs

Who here is using alcohol and other drugs as a coping mechanism. Rightly or wrongly people fall back into old habits when stressed.

I for one have been using Cannibals (cones) the last week or two and it's been a way of escaping the constant media barrage.

Anyone else in the same boat? what are you using that you normally wouldn't?


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You’ve been smoking people who eat other people??

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 I had to re-read the op to get this answer and now I can’t stop laughing
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 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I didn’t spot it at first , but now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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 Ive never met anyone who says they smoke cannabis. Most people say weed
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 It's sad people need coping mechanisms like this
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 Same nothing here. Don’t need anything
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I smoke weed some times , it makes me think in a different way more clearly in some ways and I clean and do things around the house . I don’t think there is anything wrong with it alcohol ruins more lives then a bit of pot

I'm just drinking more coffee. More because it's my one treat I can sit & don't have to share rather than any physical effect.

I'm quite dull on the alcohol/drugs front. I don't really like either & I'm glad considering how much alcohol costs!

 You've obviously never heard of a goon sack 😂😂😂
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 I have. I should have specified 'good alcohol'!
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I haven’t been using alcohol because I’m breastfeeding and drugs I never use anyway but I have been escaping way too much into my phone. I really wish I didn’t right now

I wish I could get weed hahaha I've been drinking Pinot Grigio 🤤🤤

Alcohol makes things worse, Pot is good, i approve of that ;)

I smoke a joint every night, helps me to fall asleep. I'm ok with it.

I don’t need anything to cope. I do try to get out once every two days to go for a walk and I buy some food to make dinner and lunches.

I don't drink or smoke (anything) and I have no intention of starting

I’m not a huge drinker but Ive been having a couple of vodkas most nights once my husband gets home from work. It doesn’t get me drunk of course but it does relax me a little.

For some this will sound wrong. I went out for a cig this morning (only 2 a day) and my husband's pipe was out. I mixed a little bowl and had it. I've had a little buzz all morning. Parenting has been a dream. Husband is in control but it feels nice to be so relaxed