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*ATTENTION* Good News for you if you have children under ten....

YOU DONT NEED TO WASTE TIME WORKING HARD, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS WORRYING IF THAT LESSON LITTLE JOHNNY LEARNT TODAY WAS TO HARD, PARENTING YOUR CHILDREN, TEACHING THEM MANNERS, RESPECT AND BOUNDARIES BECAUSE: Children under ten years of age that commit an offence no matter what it is... Even unwanted sexual advances to another much younger child are not responsible for their actions. The police won't even go and speak with their parents who don't think it's inappropriate for Christ sake!! All I can say is they will be busy when that little cherub turns 10. 2 years of getting away with crap. What is this world coming to!!!
Might aswel stop parenting honestly till they turn ten cause it's a free for all apparently. No one is responsible. Not the kids, mum or dad and the police don't care...


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It's called doli incapax. Basically, it means that children under 10 years old aren't capable of understanding right from wrong, because they can't fully comprehend the consequences of their actions.
As for their parents, well, they might just need a good slap upside the head to keep a better eye on their kids.
Sorry you're having such a shit time though.

OP I understand they can't be charged and held "criminally" responsible cause they are under ten but I think putting the wind up them is reasonable for example if it's multiple times or actually a serious offence when your over 10!
Or 10 upwards they will think they will get away with it cause they could before hand, why not now.
If I can charge someone for something if they did it to me as an adult why can't the police actually drive to their house and fucken speak with them. Victims of kids under 10 do not matter then apparently

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That’s pretty bad that they won’t even speak to the parents! So do they the refer the matter to a child welfare department? If they’re doing nothing, can you make a complaint to someone higher up?

OP I have given up speaking with the police, No they didn't refer the matter to anyone I am aware of. I called Docs myself and they said they will look into it.
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Where have you been? It used to be until 14 (I think) and they lowered it. It's all part of being in a 1st world country. If you want your 5 year old charged for eating a grape at Woolies move to Sudan

OP Obviously not around horrid children before now... No actually... "In this first world country..." I want a boy who sexually assaulted my child spoken to by the police actually... F**k the grape lady
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 Well I have been around these kids and theres a very high chance your childs "abuser" is also a victim of sexual abuse. How well do you know the child? As this is a sign of sexual abuse I would be reporting it to DOCs and the childs school. Direct your energy into getting an investigation done and there might just be justice for this child and in turn your child. The child will be the abusers puppet. Intervention is needed.
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OP I have made a report to docs, there are red flags the lady said after we spoke. I don't know about the child's school. Should I inform them if so how or what do I say? Would they even want to know?
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 Because school are mandatory reporters they will have to report what you have told them whether they believe it or not and it will give your report a bit more beef. It will also get them to keep an eye on the child. They might have already reported him. Just ask to speak to someone in regards to students safety and you will probably get put through to the Deputy Principal, just tell your story in a 'I don't want this happening to another child' way.
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 What’s the relationship between the kids - are they likely to run into each other again? If they live on the same street I’d tell the neighbours etc to give them a heads up. Get your kid into specialised sexual abuse counselling too xx
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What happened?

OP Alot has happened. How long do you have? Worst thing is no one cares
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 I think more people care than you realise. It's just in how you approach the situation. As someone else said, DOCs would be the ones to call, and the abusive child is probably a victim themselves.
I, a random internet user, care. Is your little one okay now? Has it stopped?
I mean, personally, I'm a fan of the old school method: beat the shit out of the parents of this other kid. Clearly they need to try harder at teaching their child proper behaviours. And also, why the f**k would their kid think that behaviour is okay? Bash the parents and hope it has a trickle down effect on disciplining (not necessarily violently) their offspring.

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I'm sorry that sounds like a truly awful situation. I hope that you and your family are able to access the support you need to get through this.

OP Thank you we are slowly getting support needed in a very shitty time.
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