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Life Expectations

I'm a single mum of 3 kids. I'm so unhappy being single. Being this way. I'm really overweight. And just want to run away from it all. I imagined I'd be married happily ever after. Has anyone else's life turned out not how they imagined it would.


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I never thought I'd be married with kids and be a SAHM. I always wanted to be a high powered career woman. I wanted to travel and have nice things and wear stilettos everyday. And have nice hair and nails. I still want that. But I've accepted that I need to be patient and enjoy the situation I'm in right now.
I recognise that I'm very blessed to have what I have, and am thankful for it. But sometimes the thoughts of "is this really all I am" get a bit overwhelming. Patience and faith get me through the dark times. Those, and coffee.

I am also a single mum of 3. A sole parent in fact. And i make time for exercise. I also made sure that i eat healthy. I already eat a predominate plant based diet. I limit fats and sugars and cook all our meals from scratch. I love cooking so that helps and i am a good cook. I make time each day to exercise. Whether its home in front of the tv with step board and weights. Or if its a whole day doing yard work, or gardening, lifting and walking. The kids just play around me or try and help me. I get out and take the kids for walks at the beach or botanical gardens. There is no excuse, do things around the house, invest in exercise equipment, doesnt need to be much and just do it at home. I cant afford the gym and no one to look after my kids. But that does not stop me and i am at my fittest and smallest i have ever been!

 I'm envious you sound so healthy and strong. I feel like I've gotten so big I can't change my weight.
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 Thank you, but please dont be envious!! You dont have to be thin, just be strong in mind body and soul. That's what exercise does for me. It keeps me feeling good inside and out! And remember i am not like sweating it out for hours on end, i am talking about 30 mins-maybe 45 mins, most days of the week. In front of the tv to keep me going. I put something on netflix, and then i step it out on my step board, jog up and down for a bit, do sqauts, jumps etc (i used to do alot of body step classess in my younger days), music helps too. Then a do some core work outs and work on my arms. I dont do this every single day, like today, its not happening, today i baked muffins with the kids and i am pretty sure i ate most of them and its raining and oh so pouring, so i am netflixing it with no exercise and i ate more than i should, but heck you only live once. I will get back to it tomorrow. Just start small and then work it up. Dont look at it like full on exercise, get active in general!
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 ps i am single too and that's ok. I want to love me first and foremost and whilst i didnt imagine life like this, i dont want to spend the rest of my life married to a selfish narcissistic-dishonest and abusive man either, so it happened, i am on my own, with 3 kids-sole parenting....BUT we are safe and happy and with food and not living on egg shells and looking over our shoulders or sleeping with one eye open at night, we are safe and i cant just let anyone into our life. I have to be healthy and strong and love me first and be a role model to my kids-so i do what i can to keep my home a happy place and my body healthy. I am learning to love myself again, after 14 years of a bad marriage, its taking time. I feel like this is something you need to do before you go into a new relationship. No matter what size you are-love you first and be happy with yourself first. If it means you want to lose weight, then do it-just start small and build up. If you want it bad enough, then work it!
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Get motivated and force yourself to exercise. Helps for weight and for a pick me up. Drag your kids along (I made it fun by buying them cheap big w exercise wear) Make no excuses. Walking is good.
Getting 30 min a day really does help physically and emotionally.


Married with kids is now I imagined it when I was a child and I got that but later than I thought. And not with who I thought. There was a time I thought I’d be single and childless forever but life pleasantly surprised me.