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Neighbor’s cat in my garden

What can I do to keep them away? So sick of irresponsible idiots owning pets yet letting it wander into other people’s homes to take a shit and mess up flower beds. I’m so not a cat person either, fucking hate them which makes me angrier. What can I do to deter them please?


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I have heard of putting wire with a PVC pipe along the top of the fence to keep cats out. It spins when they jump on it and fall off.

I have got so fed up with the neighbours cats coming into my house at night spraying making my house reek, ripping to shreds a newly weedmatted garden. I cannot leave anything outside including my gumboots which are now covered in cat piss. I bought a humane cat trap and caught 4 over four consecutive nights. I completly drenched them to the point tbey lookec like drown rats. Hate them

 Cruelty to animals is a big indicator of mental health problems. Sounds like you might need some help.
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 Take them to the pound. Most people won't pay to get them back out so you won't have to worry about them anymore
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 Its not cruel if its quick
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 I take them to the pound, it costs over $100 to get the cat back, I had to do it twice and I didn't see the cat again. They either keep it inside or left it there
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It infuriates me that people just let their cats wander the streets, apart from being annoying too neighbours when it does stuff like this, they also are dangerous too native animals, but most of all, they have such a high chance of getting hit by a car, or attacked by another cat! I have a gorgeous cat, and INSIDE cat, because I care about her safety!

 I'm glad my outside cat kills vermin like mice, rats and pigeons. Would never kill a person like a dog would.
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 My boy is meant to be an inside cat but he zooms out between my feet. Usually when I'm in a hurry and don't have a chance to chase him. He always comes back at dinner time, but I hate him being out even for those few hours
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Water pistol in its face, hose, every time you see them in your yard, get the kids to make load noise and clap and chase it - none of this hurts it but actively discourages it.
Ask the owner to discourage it (where possible, cats are their own masters) from coming in to your yard.
Borrow a dog for a week or two to scare it if it comes in.
Sticks upright in your veggie garden to keep them away (I use the cheap bamboo skewers to protect my seedlings)
I think there could be sprays available to deter cats, but not sure what's in them.
And always teach your kids to wash their hands thoroughly after playing in the garden and or sandpit.

 Water + vinegar, cats hate the taste licking it off. They also hate mothballs smell
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Apparently cats hate citronella and pepper so try sprinkling that in the garden.

 I have a citronella plant which my cats sleep in.... just saying
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Whatever you do, make sure its humane. Don't poison it. If you trap it make sure it has water and call the ranger straight away. Probably best to make sure local rangers pick up cats to begin with, some dont. You dont want to go through all the effort of buying a trap and setting it up if theres nobody to take caught cats. If you have time maybe you could squirt it with the hose every time you see it in your yard, or keep a super soaker handy. You could also ask your neighbours to keep it inside, they might happily do that if they know it's annoying you.

 You could take the cat to the nearest animal shelter and say its lost if the council won't take it.
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 Or how about don't take someone's pet from them. The heartbreak in a lost animal is awful. As well as the fear of whackos stealing it to leave at a shelter
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 That can't care too much about the cat if it is allowed to wander the streets
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 I let my kids walk to the pool/park/shop/friends.. I guess you could say I don't care about them using your logic 😐
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 Bet the kids aren't shitting in other people's yards
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 What's your address I'll send them over
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 Why not? They can get the pet back, they just have to pay a fine. I have taken a neighbours cat the the pound twice. It stopped the cat destroyed my property.
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Ours was the neighbors dog getting in our yard, it would shit on the lawn and knock over my kids. We had to stop using our yard, as neighbors wouldn't do anything to stop it. My husband accidentally left the side gate open and the dog got out. That did the trick.

Trap it and take it to the pound, they will have to pay to get it back... do that a few times and they will get sick of the fees. I done this to my neighbor and she just got a new cat instead so I done it to that cat as well and the next one after that. She soon stopped getting cats.

Get a bucket of water and put old fish, prawns or squid in it. Leave it for 3 days in the hot sun. Fill up super soaker with water only. Spray cat. Neighbours stop letting their cats roam when they come home smelling putrid all the time. I’ve done it to several cats in my area.

 Or they won't let the cats in the house cos they stink
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I loath cats too and don't understand the appeal of them. This is compounded by the fact that I have a 6 week old daughter and during the last few weeks of pregnancy and after birth the cat has turned into a needy neurotic beast. Our cat does go outside but because there are dogs in the houses around us it stays in our yard. Could you perhaps play in your yard some loud dog barks - download them off the internet. If the neighbours ask just say you're looking after a hunting dog for a farmer friend. All the best PS you aren't weird in not liking cats but don't go into cruelty territory.

Before we moved we had about 4-6 cats come through our yard. They didn't bury their poop, would even go on the gravel. We ended up covering our whole veggie garden with bird netting to keep the cats out! Then we replaced our fence with colourbond, we hardly saw any cats after that. Thankfully no cats so far at our new house!

Put globs on Vick’s around your house, on the fence, down pipes etc. You have to redo it every few months and after heavy rain, but it seems to deter them.

Also, feral cats don’t bury their poo (in some cases), so it might not be the neighbour’s cat.

Perhaps throw the cat poo back over the fence. But seriously the cat trap and taking it to the council should stop the problem. You could let your neighbor know you have had a problem with feral cats in your yard and you have put bait out, just letting them know in case they are worried about their cat getting it. You don't actually need to put bait out, but they may start keeping their cat inside.

 My neighbor had a problem with my cats and was throwing the cat poo back over the fence. However I no longer have cats that go into her yard, and She still throws Shit over the fence, which is obviously not my cat Shit. Feel like taking a dump on the bonnet of their Car!
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 Then you should have kept your cats out their garden to start with.
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 Her point was it obviously wasn't her cat if it's still happening. The neighbours just stupid.
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 Same thing happened to me
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 I hated that bitch neighbour the last time she did it I opened the window of my house closest to hers, turned the music up, blasted it out the window & left the house....ah that made me feel better.
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I bought a house with a small backyard for my toddler to play. My neighbour has cats that poop on my lawn (without digging, just on top of it). Big poops, diareic poops that smell and attract flies. When i try to clar the lawn the diareic poops gets in the grass, very difficult to clean. Neighbours said they don't care. I put a 2meters fence, i put ultrasound deterrants, i tried smell deterrents, i chased them with water guns. Nothing worked!!!! I had a cat for 18 years and never put me through such aituations. I love cats but when something like this happens it trully pushes you to a limit. I think I am out of humain measures. But by the way, the chicken we eat was a life too... so... what do we do? maybe there should be laws to protect us from such pests!!!!

You can get/rent a trap from the rangers who will pick up any cats that you catch. The owners of the cats who have micrchip will have to pay for their cats to be realised to them which is a big deterant. You will probably also catch feral cats and help save native animals as well.

 After a few fines they will keep the cat inside.
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