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What is your height and weight?

Numbers only.
No trolling please.
No justifying.
We are ALL beautiful for our differences.
Thank you everyone 😁
Ps I'm just curious on the real woman, not the media woman.

My answer
170cm 82kg


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Answers (38)

I am losing weight I was 102kg and I want to weigh 70kg

 Good job, hope you succeed.
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165cms and 67 kgs. I am pregnant at the moment though so in another 4 months time it will be different

158cm and 86 kilos. I feel I look allot bigger than people my same height and weight though. I have allot of boob and a huge bum

160cm 90kg lost 65 feel so fat still

 We'll done on your weighloss!
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165cm & 66 I had always been 55 until a pregnancy last year. Slowly losing the weight but when it's a hormonal weight it's so hard

172cm; 67kg
Working to get back to 63kg which is my ideal weight