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Do you try harder in your second marriage?


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I honestly don’t have to try in my second marriage. (As in, there’s no forced effort)
Everything just works with my second husband.
My first marriage was toxic and unhealthy.
My second husband is a better match for me I think. We think the same, have really open lines of communication and we don’t experience an inch of the trouble we had in our first marriages.
I would have saved myself a lot of time and heartache if I’d just met and married him first!

If you can't respect your first marriage you shouldn't be allowed a second.

 A bit tricky, what if someone's partner had an affair, shouldn't the wronged partner get a second chance?
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 You’ve missed what she said. She said if YOU can’t respect. Obviously meaning if you have messed up you shouldn’t get another one. If you’re the wronged party of course
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 But maybe you were a bad match and that was the cause of the toxic marriage.
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 Too bad if you became a widow... by your logic no one should ever remarry
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  Op of this comment.

If you are a widow that's unfortunate. Not because you disrespected your marriage.

Please re-read my comment. Most people should be able to remarry. Except those that didn't respect their marriage - for example - a person that is violent to their partner, a a person that is unfaithful to their partner. And so on.

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 This comment was deliberately divisive.
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 ^It was absolutely not deliberately divisive.
Pull your head out of your arse.
Sometimes in life people ask difficult questions or make statements you may not agree with.
Grow up. FFS.

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No. I try less as I am more assertive now and realise I have needs too. And I know I can survive on my own


 Helpful and informative
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My second marriage was effortless at the start. But 7 years later, I’m realising that I’m dragging my anger and hurt from my first marriage into my second. It’s something I’m working on and my husband is being patient while I work through it.

 Good luck cunty.
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People grow & change if they want to. If they're convinced they are perfect they will never because they feel they have no need to.

I’ve heard men do as they learn from the mistakes they made in their first.

 Haha I doubt that they never learn they just find another lady who is vulnerable and naive for their bullshit
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 Maybe the woman went through even more bullshit in her first marriage.
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