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What to do at work when it's slow?

My job is a grounds keeper at as school. Unless a tree has fallen down or the grass grows quick there really isn't much to do. What are some productive gardening ideas? I like too earn my money by hard work not walking around thinking what should I do...
Any ideas would be fantastic


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Our school gardener started a vegie garden. Some of the classes go and visit it weekly to help and take some vegies, keeps everyone pretty busy!

 This school already has several veggy patches. They are all managed by the kids.
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Maybe look into some council or government funding to complete a project? Like maybe having chickens, or ducks, a garden painting or statue honouring aboriginal land there, buy trees to plant etc

Grow succulents to sell at school fete

 Contact the parent representatives on the P&C and see what help they would like that you could provide. I potted up 100 succulents one year for School Gala. They went like hot cakes. I am Nanna of 2 of the school students. There is always one real hard worker on P&C who would really appreciate your help. And have lots of ideas.
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Clean the classroom gutters and get all the leaves and debris out.
Why don't you ask if anyone has thibgs they need help with? There's always stuff early childhood classes need done.

Worm farm, recycling food scraps, build outdoor kitchen & bike track/ small cars for students, put hammocks around the school, build a turtle pond