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I have a doctor's app booked in 8 days.

My 9yo daughter always complains of a sore back and she has to crack it. Has anyone experienced anything like this and what was the outcome?


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Sometimes you can get a healthcare plan from go that covers 5 visits under Medicare to certain chiros and physio's so it's worth keeping the appointment

 ** from the GP. Incase once you go to one it's more than 1 visit. Ask the doctor if it's an option
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 Thanks for the info. I didn't realise a GP can do a plan for Chiro/Physio.
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I would go to chiro instead of a gp. Fixed my son's sore neck in 2 visits

I would cancel the Dr and go to a Chiro or a physio instead x

Look at her posture while she’s glued to technology

OP Hahahahahahahah some of you "women" must be so miserable. I hope your day gets better xx
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 ^I agree babe. Maybe her kids do it all day. Who knows?
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Try a Chiro or Physio appt for her. My kids are really active/sporty. They go to the Chiro every 2 months & physio when needed. Her bones could be out of alignment or her muscles tight & pulling her body out of alignment.

OP Thankyou!! Do we need referrals to see them? Never been to one!
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 No, you don't need any referrals. Ask around your circle of friends, if they have any local recommendations.
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OP Thanks so much :)
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