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What has been the best thing you have ever done, to turn your life around?

Decisions you’ve made, something spiritual you have done anything at all?
Apart from taking antidepressants, I’m trying to find any other way to turn life around! Interested to hear your stories x


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It started with missing out on a promotion at work (well deserved I might add) due to gender bias, then as I was dealing with it one of my best friends lost her battle with cancer. I suddenly realized this is it, this is my life start living the best life you can. I stopped drinking alcohol as I was so depressed and I learnt on the internet that alcohol is a depressant and makes it worse. My husband was worried and wanted me to see a shrink I said honey do you mind if I go shopping instead. I never buy clothes for myself but I lost so much weight from grief and I also hit the gym to battle the depression. So I started buying nice clothes, doing my nails (already do my hair) and husband was happy that I was distracted. Then my gym had a challenge which included a better eating plan and meditative techniques. I changed my diet, gave up coffee and ate more vegetables. My mind is stronger and so is my body. I go to the gym a lot but do a variety of things not just the same and I also keep up with yoga and Zumba once a week. I have met locals through my gym as well and overall I am a much happier, self aware and confident person. I am still sad about my friend but I believe she helped put me on this path. I couldn’t care less about the job and have well and truly grown from the whole experience. I attract people to me now, I believe this has to do with my optimism and positive energy. I love the body I’m building and the positive mindset. I try to keep away from negative people or people who disrespect me. This has all taken place over this year, I have never felt so alive I’m grateful for my life. The people who put me down and I allowed to walk over me last year have noticed the change and I think are secretly afraid and in awe of me at the same time. When these people say stupid things I don’t even offer a response anymore I just smile politely but keep my thoughts to myself and try to get away as soon as possible.

Make small changes to your normal routine and be in control of the person you want to be.

 I’m so sorry for your loss.
This is amazing advice and very uplifting. Thank you x

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 You waffle on too much. Good points bit too many words. Champion. I high five you:)
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 Don't listen to the anti waffler i thought you told a great story. Go you.
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 There’s no word limit on inspiring others.
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 All those words were very important to getting the full message across.
GREAT story, and sooo inspiring.

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 This is great to hear. Grief can be such a long process. I lost my job earlier in the year and feel like I’m only just starting to get back on track. I have always lived a positive life as you mentioned but this year has been filled with deep depression. I hope in another few months I’m in the same space as you.
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Quit my job and became a stay at home Mum. The pressure and hectic lifestyle was ruining our family’s quality of life. We barely saw each other and spent the time we had with our kids just being tired and grumpy. Now I’m at home, I help out with my husbands business so there’s a little less pressure on his time and we actually have a better quality of life now.

 This is my dream
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Started going to church. I found it fulfilling and grounding. I no longer have anxiety or depression, I’m learning and reading more, I have new friends and I’m using my gifts of serving others to help with the children’s programme at my church.

Told my husband I wanted a divorce after I discovered his relationship with someone else was developing into more than friendship. It made him realise how much his family meant to him and he didn’t want to lose us. We finally started talking about things we weren’t happy about and made changes. We are more in love than ever before. We are in a spot where we are so happy and grateful for everything in our lives. So, talking and opening up turned my life around.

Quit smoking, joined a gym and started a healthy lifestyle and...
I'll sound like a cult member but we started doing barefoot investor almost exactly a year ago and we paid of $30,000 of debt that was crippling us, we go on nice holidays now and just live so much better, if we keep going we will have fully paid our mortgage in 6 years, I was a total skeptic before that so I do understand why people rip on it haha

Stopped comparing myself to others. Unfollowing everyone on Facebook, and getting rid of most of my parenting pages has made me feel much better about myself.
I no longer get upset about not being invited to something, I wont spend Christmas night looking at all the gifts others bought their kids and feel bad not not spending thousands of dollars, even though my husband and I are trying not to make Christmas about the presents. I would say I have lost most of my fear of missing out.

I had a mini breakdown and realised that I've only got one life, and my kids are growing up and soon they'll leave home, and in my anxiety panic ridden state, I realised I had to make NOW count with them before it was too late. Sometimes I get lost in the "rat race" and have to remind myself only this one life/chance!

Moved to a new small town and started a fresh life. Now my husband and I are happy and no one tells us how to live. We built a house and are doing just fine. Best decision ever. The rat race was killing us and our family were driving us mental.

 My dream. We are trying to do this now but with the housing market so bad in concerned I'm juts going to be worried about money all the time.
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Left my cheating husband, going on a year now and never been happier. Next year I am filling for divorce.

I changed the people that I hung around. I looked for uplifting, positive people who were achieving great things and emulated them, who they were, what they strived for. Someone once told me that you are the average of the 5 people that you associate with the most, interesting if you think about it.

 Very interesting. My mum is quite a negative person but I think I influence her. We feed off each other 🤨
But very interesting point!! Something to really think about !

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 I'm kinda similar but how the f do you get away from your mum?? I just try not to let her thinking infect me anymore.
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 For me I don’t want to get away from her, it’s about being around her physically but not let her mentally drain me or emotionally.
The more positive I am I think it has a good impact on her. Not that it’s my job to lift her but I think it’s bettwr than negatively feeding off each other.

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I enrolled in uni earn double what I used to

 What was your degree?
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Moved from a small town to a capital city on the other side of the country with my partner and kids. No family influencing us anymore, we can focus on what's best for us and our kids.

I ditched a whole lot of negative people in my life. It's amazing how much easier it is to be happy & feel good about yourself when your not hearing comments & opinions about how you live your life just because it's not boring AF like theirs.

Spent 15k on opening my business , it’s given me freedom as a mum I could have only dreamed of.

 What sort of business is it?
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 An anal prostitute
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 Well, you'll get plenty of business
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