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If you could change one thing about the world, besides world peace or people being good, what would it be?

Mine would be we bring back old English writing.
Thy heart aches to write like this. Thou must see thy need to be proper. Thy need a quill to write love letters to thou.

I just want a quill.

What silly little thing would you change?


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Well... if it were possible, not that it would be, but if it were, some kind of Shallow Hal deal. Where everyone was seen by how beautiful their personality is rather than the genetics they inherit... it's stupid but it would make me happy.

 Oh I love this idea!
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OP I would love that. I am someone who needs to be sexually attracted to someone but I also want a good person with a good personality. It would be so much better than just basing it on looks only.
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OP ...looks only for people who are more worried about those things.* I finished my sentence a little short.
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Not getting fat. Everyone the same size. Makes shopping easy.

I'd like it for people to openly advertise their insecurities (ie write it on their shirts for the world to see) so that others have the opportunity to compliment them and reduce their insecurities.

 Or it goes the other way and they feel even more insecure about them because everyone can now see what they are most insecure about. As well as then people being left open to others exploiting that knowledge and using it against them.
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 But then the other persons shit is out there as well so they can just dish it right back. Like yeah i may be fat but pal, your dick looks like a fu****g knitting needle. Lol. See, easy solution to people being cu**s
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OP This could be good but I don't think I could turn around to someone and laugh about their insecurities even if they did it to me, so it would just make some more insecure with out dishing it out if someone did it to them.
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women having more then 2 kids and sponging of the tax payers

 Not all women or men with more than two children "sponge of the government". You cannot make a sweeping statement like that assuming because a few people do it that everyone does.

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 Women with 1 and 2 kids do this too why are you targeting 3 or more kids? Weird
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OP Funny story - I was on fb looking through some comments one day when I saw a young girl complaining about single mums with 3+ children on centrelink. I have worked previously and trying to find work now but to survive I have been on centrelink until I get a job, any job will do me. The funny part was she had been on Centrelink and never worked and had 2 babies on Centrelink. Anytime anyone says these sorts of things I laugh because all I think of is this girl complaining about any single parents on centrelink with 3 or more kids and both her children were conceived while she was on it. No one collecting benifits bothered me as long as they weren't cheating the system, cash in hand, not really single, ect.
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