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BMI eating

Whats your BMI? I'm currently in the overweight category (down from the obese), 28.5. My weight loss has plateaued. And is honestly going backwards 🙁 my activity levels are the same. But apparently my mouth is letting the team down.
Give me your exercise ideas please. And your BMI too , or you don't have to. Whatever it's up to you.


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Forget BMI. It is not an accurate way to measure a healthy weight. Focus on eating healthy and moderate exercise. Those numbers, whether it be your BMI or the numbers on the scales will send you crazy.

My BMI is 22 but I started at 41.9. I have 5kgs left untill I reach my goal weight. This last little bit is proving the hardest and I have stayed at the same weight for ages

My advice is to log all your food and calories for awhile. It will help you see if you are eating too much or maybe even not enough. There are lots of apps to do this. I use Lose it.

2nd) Instead of dieting, just maintain your weight for awhile 1-2 weeks. Restricting calories can be hard on the body and it apparently goes into starvation mode. Give it a rest for a bit and then start again.
I have found that when I excersize, especially when I am restricting my calories, that I need to eat more or my body will go into starvation mode. Adding more calories helped.

3rd) Change things around a bit. I am eating the same food but am trying intermittant fasting 16:8 where you fast for 16 hours then eat all your food in a 8 hour window. It seems to be working . I have lost a kilo since starting last week.

4) Stop looking at the scales. Everyone is right. They will send you crazy. Set a healthy routine, stick to it for a period of weeks then check.

Also if you are excersizing, you might be building muscle. One kilo of muscle is smaller than 1 kilo of fat so you might have lost inches and dress sizes but not numbers on the scale. I did this, i was so discouraged that my weight wasn't changing until I went shopping and could fit a size 12 instead of 14.

Don't give up, it will happen

For excersize, I walk and do HIIT videos on You tube as well as indoor walking videos also on you tube.

 How did you start and what did you eat? I'm struggling, I've been to the doctor, dietician etc and still not having much luck with sticking to it. My BMI is 44 so I'm shitting bricks
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 I am a sugar addict as well as a emotional eater so for me it was about getting out of the kitchen. I started on supermarket shakes. My favourite is the natures life strawberry. I had 2 of those a day and salmon/ fish and vegies for tea. It was good for me. I knew what I was going to eat and when I was going to eat it so it kept me out of the kitchen. I followed that for 3 months and then restricted my calories.
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 Did you exercise? Did you snack or just limit the shakes?
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 At first, no I didn't excersize. When I lost about 20kgs I added simple excersizes such as planking to build up muscle tone. Then I progressed on to walking and the excersizes I mentioned in my first post. I didn't snack. Occasionally I would have an extra shake around 3-5pm if I was really hungry. I drank green tea, soda water with lemon and water with lemon and that curbed alot of the cravings. Also strawberry shakes is like having a strawberry thickshake for breakfast so I felt a bit naughty. Use a milkshake machine and skim milk and it goes really thick so it is more filling and feels more like a treat than a diet. Build a routine and just follow it everyday. If you break it, don't worry or feel guilty just continue what you are doing. Once you have a routine in place it is alot easier. I still try not to snack but I am quite active and sometimes find I have to otherwise I don't eat enough calories to keep my body running.
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 Thank you for the tips and taking time to reply to me, much appreciated
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I'm the same as you; went from obese to overweight. I'm sitting at about 28 too and have plateaued. But I've been allowing it for a little bit as I just need a rest from the constant monitoring and weighing. Although I was having a break for a couple of weeks, but it's been about 8 weeks now and I've put on 1.5kg. Time to get back into it!

I wrote up a little chart on the computer and printed it out. Just has the dates down the side (every single day) and then a space next to each date for my weight that morning, then space for breakfast,snack,lunch,snack,dinner,snack and exercise.
It shows me pretty clearly when I have a good day of eating the next morning my weight will be down .6kg. Have a bad day and the next morning it usually won't have changed the next morning.
Makes it really easy to track what foods have what effect on me and also keeps me accountable. When you see those numbers drop so much in one day, it's very motivating!
I agree with the commenter above that when you get to a certain weight that the numbers won't be accurate anymore, but for me at the weight I'm at now, it's a good way to measure progress and they're a great motivator.

 I'm glad it works for you, but I think for most people it's overdoing it to weigh themselves every day. Once a week or a fortnight I think is plenty. Only because it can easily be swayed by whether you've drank enough water, or if you've had a recent bowel movement etc.
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My BMI is 18. It is honestly all about what you eat, exercise is important for fitness and tone but diet always comes first with weight loss.

I walk 2-3 times a week and that is all, but I do watch what I eat. Having said that, I do indulge but keep the portions small.

I'm 165cm and 85kg and the BMI classifies me as obese. Im big, but wouldn't categorize myself as obese

 If your BMI puts you in the obese category you are obese. I don’t mean this as a criticism, it’s just a fact. I understand that some exceptions apply (for example lots of muscle bulk) but if you aren’t particularly muscle bound and your BMI is 30+ you are obese. Being obese is no ones business but your own (and perhaps your GP’s) but it’s best to face things as they really are rather than avoiding the truth. I hope you are able to turn things around for the sake of your health.

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 Im not sure BMI is this black and white. I dont pay much attention to mine now, but a few years ago, according to my BMI i was classed as over weight, bordering on obese. I was a size 10-12 and im 170cm..... so obviously i wasnt obese! Since then i dont use bmi as a measure for my over all health and weight.
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Reduce carbs, once I cut back on carbs I found it way easier to loose weight and maintain it. Only have carbs at one meal. Eat heaps of fruit and vegies and protein to feel full