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Mix feeding

I'm going back to work in February. Bubs is being looked after by nana and will be just on two months. Twice a week 2-4 hours in the morning

Thinking about just leaving formula at her house for that one feed those mornings
Has anyone done that? Did bubs take well? Supply is no issue but I struggle pumping it takes forever.

Just wanting to hear similar experiences with mix feeding


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I have good supply, I also struggle to pump, I tried to supplement 1 feed every couple of days, I found that I was uncomfortable when I should have feed as my breast was over full, then my breast didn't make as much the next feed a
so the feed after that was sooner then normal as he didn't get as much the time before. This may not be the case for you, just my experience, you can only try and see what happens.

OP I'll keep that in mind thanks- at the moment she feeds on a loose routine of close to 4 hours so I'm hoping it won't be too much of an issue but I might try and squeeze a little throughout if I feel myself getting fuller

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I combo fed bubs. Had no issues. So convenient when going out or leaving him at mums.
Make sure you put it in to practice a week before you go back to work to make sure bub takes to bottle feeding and is happy with formula. Good luck

OP Yeah we're having a few trial runs with me just down stairs for coffee but bubs feeds every 3.5/4 hours for the most part so hopefully she won't even feed but will defiantly de if she takes a bottle first(my eldest NEVER did)
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I mix fed from around 4 months due to spending all bloody day on the couch breastfeeding- i did go to docs prior for help and they suggested it. My daughter took to the bottle great but then stopped breastfeeding shortly after. The doc said she prob preferred bottle because she didnt have to work so hard for milk.

why have a baby if you are pissing of to work before bubs is 6mths

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Because i own my own business and other people are incompetent and I have an awesome mum. Not my fault other people suck at the job they were given - so I'm firing her and doing it myself so I don't lose hundreds of dollars a week.

I also breast fed my eldest till she was 2 and a half ,

I co sleep (yes with both my 3 year old and new born) and hubby sleeps in his own bed.

I had the odd wine in pregnancy cos I was craving it(though funny enough I don't drink normally)

F**k I'm sure I could think of more ammo to give you- I do a lot of things parenting wise people disagree with.
But I wouldn't wanna send you too crazy with judgement - your head might fall off

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